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Friday, 6 March 2009


Melodyne3 offers a new algorithm that allows any type of audio material to profit from Melodyne’s unique editing functions and sound quality; in other words, Melodyne is no longer limited to the editing of melodies but can handle homophonic and polyphonic textures. Melodyne3 also offers fully automatic analysis of the audio material, powerful macros for the correction of intonation and timing errors, and numerous improvements in the user interface. Melodyne3 is not only capable of doing far more than its predecessors; it is also faster and easier to use.

Melodyne3 is not just far easier to operate and better attuned to the working practices of musicians and recording engineers than its predecessors but also better structured. Context-sensitive combi-tools, logically arranged menus and intuitive new methods of operating in the arrange and edit windows streamline the workflow as well as reducing the time taken to master the program. There are also notable improvements in the way Melodyne integrates into other sequencing applications and Melodyne3 can read sound libraries created using Melodyne technology such as those of Ueberschall’s Liquid Instruments, thereby obtaining access to an almost inexhaustible supply of licks and phrases.

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Anonymous said...

aahh damn, been waiting for a working version on MAC of this or even lower version for AAGGGEEESSS!!! can somebody get this on MAC please mate :-) ill be verrrrrryyy happy baby...
Tina x

Anonymous said...

Hi, thanks for the download but i am struggling with the install. Where do i get the serial and licence key from. Am i missing something?

Anonymous said...

what to use for
user name and license key
keygen doesn't generate these for me.
Any help would be appreciated.

thank you.

Anonymous said...

never mind ... i make a boo boo
i got it

thanks audiopirate

Anonymous said...

the keygen wont work, someoen please help. thanks

kirk said...

the keygen wont open, it says i dont have permision, please tell me how u got it installed

DOMINGO said...

This is not the version with Direct note access is it?

Anonymous said...

This shit is weak. What is the passwords/ID?

cheeba said...

kirk, if you're running vista make sure you right-click and run as admin

everything all good with this file, what's weak is anonymous comments from aggro n00bs

btw, just discovered audio pirate today. excellent assortment of good here, much appreciated

Tuna Butta said...

Got it to work great, however, the Melodyne Bridge portion caused both Digital Performer 6 & GarageBand to quit upon bootup. I had to go into my system library/audio/ plug-ins folder, and move it out just to let both systems boot properly. other than that, it works great

Anonymous said...

hey i was wondering wen the keygen come up its says enter name and host id and keeps tellin me invalid host wat to do???