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Sunday, 1 March 2009

D'Accord Drums Player

D'Accord Drums Player
Created for beginners, the software is a tool for drummers to practice their favorite songs, by watching the software play and trying to follow it.

It's also possible to play the drums with the software, using the keyboard. There is key mapping that makes it easy to play, so that the user can have fun with the virtual drums.

The Play Along feature mutes the drums sound, keeping the other instruments sounds playing, so that the student can play together with it. It also has some examples of different rhythms like rock, pop, ballad, and samba, so the user can learn how to play them.

Main Features:
# Listen the music and watch it been played on the drums
# Speed Control: Play the music slower or faster, making it easy to learn!
# Play Along: Enables you to mute the drums sound, so you can play together.
# Create and play any rhythm in the virtual drums with Keyboard mapping.
# Plays any MIDI (.mid) file. Popular format available on many internet sites!
# Control which instruments you want to listen, by choosing the midi channels.
# Superb graphics and friendly user interface

Some words from Editor´s Review about Drums Player: "well-designed virtual drum set makes a fun and nifty download" ... "elegant interface gives you a behind-the-kit view of a five-piece drum set" ... "eats very little system memory"


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