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Thursday, 19 February 2009

Mackie Acuma Labs FinalMix VST v1.01 - TALiO

[Image: magicalsnap200710252202mh9.png]

Acuma Labs Final Mix enables you to master your sessions within your VST
host, printing directly to hard disk or DAT without having to rely on
expensive mastering houses or outboard gear. Final Mix is your best choice
when it comes to a professional stereo mastering solution. Specifically
designed for use with VST host digital audio workstation software such as
Cubase and Sonar, Final Mix can dramatically elevate the quality of your
mixes and help you to create your own professional masters.
With an extensive palate of sonic tools, including 3 band dynamics
processing, six band (pre and post) parametric EQs, adjustable cross over
points and individual band key filtering, Final Mix lets you zero in on
exact frequencies to adjust or emphasize crucial elements of your mix.
Final Mix employs three individual dynamic compressors (low, mid and high)
with noise gating and soft clip limiting to provide ultra smooth
compression or expansion.
Each dynamics band features individual threshold, attack and release times.
A graphical contour edit screen for each band allows you to easily set a
desired ratio and to create your own hard knee or soft knee, or even draw
in an expander curve. Each dynamics band features its own key filter that
allows you to emphasize or de-emphasize a portion of the signal within the
band. The Soft Clip feature adds a smooth, analog-style clip response when
your signal gets close to overload. Other features such as Noise Gate, Band
Linking and more ensure that Final Mix will be an integral part of your
mixes from here out.

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Anonymous said...

How do I get the program to recognize the factory presets. I use FL Studio as a host for this plug-in, and would like to use the presets as a starting point. but the program isn't recognizing the presets as installed. can anyone help?

Sal said...


i've been trying to download this and it's only 3KB...
that can't right, can it?