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Sunday, 1 February 2009

Image-Line Wasp VSTi v2.0.0.17

WASP VSTi is best described as a "broad" analogue emulation synth,which means it can
model sounds of a rather large range of analog synths like Moog, Roland and other
types. New & experimental sounds are easy to synthesize with this plugin!


-2 oscillators with coarse tune -36/+36 semitones & fine tune
-Oscillator shapes are sawtooth, square, sine & noise
-Sub Oscillator, slaved to osc #1 (one octave below), saw & square shapes
-Oscillator Mix slider
-Pulse Width for Osc1 + Osc2
-Frequency Modulation (Osc1>Osc2)
-Ring Modulator (Osc1 x Osc2)
-Amplitude envelope (ADSR), can be linked to Filter ADSR
-Filter envelope (ADSR)
-2 LFOs with Pitch, Osc Mix, Cutoff, Amp, PWM targets
-Sources are sine, sawtooth, square, noise
-Filter section is packed with 6 filters:

- 24 dB Lowpass
- 24 dB Bandpass
- 24 dB Highpass
- 12 dB Lowpass + Notch, Double-Notch
- 24 dB 'fat' Lowpass

-Filter keyboard track option (higher notes -> higher cutoff)
-Cutoff, Resonance & Filter Envelope Amount adjustable
-Distortion section with Drive + Tone Control
-Parametric EQ



uploaded by musix.....

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