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Sunday, 1 February 2009

Image Line - Ogun

Ogun can produce exceptionally rich metallic and shimmering timbres, although it's not limited to this genre.
Ogun's distinctive synthesis engine can generate more than 32,000 harmonics, modulated
byhigh-level 'harmonic mapping' functions, that hand tonal control directly to the user.

Key features:

-Massive additive synthesis engine (up to 32,767 harmonics).
-Realistic metallic timbres through harmonic randomization or timbre analysis (resynthesis).
-Fast, precise tonal shaping through multipoint envelopes (of Sytrus fame).
-Advanced Unison engine.
-XY modulation pad for live expressive control.
-Effects: Filter, Chorus, Delay, Reverb and EQ
-Space-saving GUI.



uploaded by musix...


Anonymous said...

whats the password?

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Could I get a password, please? :-)

Kelon DeJuan said...

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Just realized that comment I just posted sounded a bit mean lol. Dude, I love you. Your site is amazing. Keep up the good work ^_^
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was a small pass problem with the rar... fixed it...small prob with the crack.. fixed

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Hi Friends i crack the rar password the password is : CHE

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How do you get the keygen to work with this one this is the first vst I can't get working or should I download it again