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Thursday, 12 February 2009



Blip is a unique collection of instruments, kits and looped beats
sourced from the original Atari 2600 sound chip.
Lo-fi, gritty and nostalgically charming, Blip will instantly teleport
you back to 1982!

Get it here:

By...................Vej_45....... Thank the poster or be cursed with warts


Anonymous said...


Vej_45 said...

Before everyone claims password trouble:

Joel said...

Vej ...this is awesome ...and you are even more awesome for posting this. Thanks.

- jfu222

Vej_45 said...

Joel, No warts for you!
The rest of you are F*cked....

Anonymous said...

will this work for ableton live 7 or only logic?

Joel said...

Vej, I may get some warts after all.

I'm not really sure how to open this on my macbook pro /intel ...

several rar files/zip files ...every time I open one it creates another file ... I can't seem to find an install

Should I be using an app to join these files first?

sorry man...go ahead and wart me : )

Vej_45 said...

There are archives inside of archives.... Just keep unraring (or unzipping) until you get the install files. Keep everything that you decompress in the same folder.

Anonymous said...

joel for your mac to uncompress just install unrar.

Anonymous said...

where is the .txt file? i can't extract anything from the .rar file, because is password protected!!!

Anonymous said...

has anyone had success finding the audio files after unraring or unzipping on mac...i have opened the .rar files with no success and all of the .zip files and all the .diz and .nfo text files and still find nothing. please help...thanks

Raidio said...

comment from nasty person anon...
think you are at wrong site...
I would rather you just move along...

bet we will do fine with out you..

Raidio said...

no I didnt post your vile comment.

as I said.. move along

dee d said...

hi audiopirate, thanks for sharing! will this work with nuendo 3?

Goldy said...

i have also found no sound file embedded in any of the zip files or text files extracted...i have only found 1 .rar file within which when trying to unrar comes up as error. any help? thank you

Vej said...

Ok, I will go over this 1 time...
Decompress. You will get a .txt file with the link to the software. Download the software. (read directly below the RS link, it says password:*****) Is this really THAT difficult?
1.Decompress the file you downloaded from RS to a folder. You will get 12 *.zip files. 2.Extract each of those zip files into the same folder. This will give you *.rar *.01 *.02 ect..
3.Now extract the file with the the .rar extension and you will get a cd image file called Blip_Logic_GB.dmg
4.Mount or burn that file using toast (or whatever you mac guys use to cook your breakfast).
5.Add butter or jam. (I like rasberry!)
I'm a PC and I can actually use the software I download. :P

Anonymous said...

why teh heck would you embed the files in this way? seems waaaaay overly complicated.

Anonymous said...

how about if I don't want to go through the hassle of actually finding something that will mount a .dmg... does somebody wanna just put the whole thing on megaup, and email it to me?

HowwL said...

.dmg file are mac...
you are a mac user?

umm its not really that hard,,, he's tellinhg you to unrar it... some dont know how to unrar things.. they end up with a big mess...

rar lesson... if a file set says rar1 rar2 rar3 etc... unrar the first file the rest follow..

if a rar set says any thing else like rar a rar b rar c ..or such..
select all files and rt click .. use extract to..

rinse repeat until you see the goods...

Vej_45 is not exactly a
I respect him...

Vej said...

To anonymous that cant be bothered to wipe his own ass:
How about you go find it yourself...
Then go eat a bowl of dicks.
To other anonymous:
I simply packed all the files that Dynamics released. That way you didn't have to download 12 separate files. Read the NFO: DiSKS...: 12 * 4.7MB
You don't like the way its packed? Kick rocks! I don't need you to find my softwarez.
Tell you all what. You wont have to worry about me ever posting a .dmg file again. I fucking hate Macs anyway. Enjoy the warts you ungrateful fucks.

HowwL said...

Vej_45 ...Over time I have come to learn that many many people dont know how to properly unrar.. install.. read infos...or have much clue as to how this world works...

They guess and fail to follow the golden rule of computer operation..
"it is somthing I am doing or not doing"

I get many such comment each day..
pass doesnt work... it wont unrar..
a file is corrupt..

I try to teach a few..
I pass out a tute on installing stuff.. I am looking for a good rar

many I simply ignore due to lack of time..
some are so far off base with a complaint that they are a laugh.

to me mac stuff is teets on a bull..if I post it.. it is only to be nice..I cant use it..

Vej_45 ,I can imagine like me you can get about anything you want need rather easily.
I appreciate your posts.

to you anons out there...the complaint department doesn't exist

know it may not be.. but the odds are its you not fully understanding what to do..(what your doing)

oh and google is your friend..

Anonymous said...

mucho gracias mi amigo

markus said...

Hello folks
boy oh boy am i having trouble with this.
VEG_45 your instructions make alot of sense, but i still cant seem to get the files extracted, i get to the DMG file but it does not let me extract, ive tried to mount a disc image file, but what file is it that i use to mount the DMG????
your feedback would be great
thank you

Sonic Activity said...

HowwL get in touch with me so we can share the magic of the Waves L3LL Ultramaximizer and Multimaximizer ;)

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the Mac stuff. A bull can never have to many teets. :)

I HAVE purchased a few things that you have had up here. Good work!

regretful angry poster said...

to all out there doing everything right only to find a confusing ".dmg" file... dmgs are disk images like .iso or .cue or .bin files, except they were made specifically for macs for use with some wierd software awhile back, and if you want to mount it you will probably have to surf the web only to find some crappy ad-ware software that will end up not working. Now I really wouldn't have a problem with this normally, but it would have been nice if only they had put what I had just said in the info section on the front page... just sayin.

Anonymous said...

Hey Vej i'm going to thank you in advance hopefully i wont have a problem with it following your instructions!

1 question when you say decompress is this just like unxipping it yeah?

many thanks,