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Saturday, 24 January 2009


Imagine Line FL Studios 'SLICEX' VSTi - (Retail)
Slicex uses advanced beat detection algorithms to slice song/percussion samples into pieces and make them independently playable from the Piano roll or controller.

If the wave file contains slice/region data this will be automatically used instead of the beat-detection algorithm. Slicex offers playback, reordering of slices and time-stretching capabilities optimized for drum loops. Related plugins are the Fruity Slicer and Edison.


Brought to you by ...Musix.... be sure to thank him


Anonymous said...

Excusme me but wtf is up with that download site trying to install some crap on my system. can anyone put up a clean link please?

Anonymous said...

thanks musix for the great release, continue dude!!!!

Tonebender said...

Hi Musix...thanks for this..tiny hiccup when installing...when I opened FL it has returned to demo mode and asked me to re apply for a code??? Any suggestions

Cheers Tonebender

Robert said...

thanks Musix for this!!
But I tried clicking the link numerous times and all I get is page load error.

Robert said...

Nevermind my first comment,I tried a few hours later and the link works perfect.

Thanks again!!!

Cheebs said...

This is a great feature in fruity loops. I dig it more now that I found out it can use .rex files. I chop everything in Recycle and load it in Slicex

Good find!


Chris said...

Thanks great post :)

Anonymous said...