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Wednesday, 7 January 2009

Beta Monkey Jazz Essentials

[Image: logobv9.jpg]

Acoustic Drum Loops and Samples for Traditional Jazz.

Quickly build authentic jazz drum tracks that feel and sound like a live drummer playing a real song. We've captured the swing as well as the warmth of vintage drums and cymbals to deliver a veritable toolbox of jazz grooves. But, Jazz Essentials includes much more than the standard sample CD release. We've included a matching set of multi-velocity drum samples from the kit used in recording the loops. We've included a matching set of cymbal samples to allow greater flexibility in drum track construction. And, on top of this, we've included the source tracks. So, whether you want to construct your next jazz project with the loops and samples or you just want to match licks comping with the full source tracks, the rhythmic possibilities of Jazz Essentials are limitless. It will quickly become an indispensable compositional tool in any sample library.

412 (582 MB) original, license-free 16/44 drum loops and samples.
120 (117 MB) multi-velocity drum and cymbal samples.

Manufacturer's Website:

Download Link:

Links are placed in a .txt file, within a .rar file encrypted with the password: bananaphone to prevent Rapidshare files from being deleted.



Anonymous said...

Ring ring ring ring ring ring ring, bananaphone *tu tu tu tu tululu* ehm, sorry about that... I'd like to know wich format it is because of the betamonkey website's indication (WAV/APPLE/REX2). Thanks a lot, this pack sounds amazing!

joey said...

It's in .WAV format. I always try to get those 'cause they're universal, ya know?

CRAZORE said...

presented by crazore:

Applied Sounds Modelling Collection






gnome said...

Your uncracked list needs updating.
some of the programs on the list have been cracked, and posted by you - like fruity loops 8.

Joey said...

Ey All,

I re-upped this one:


Anonymous said...

#5 link in the list is missing....please re-up #5 link