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Thursday, 4 December 2008

Sonart Audio Trumpet MULTiFORMAT

Sonart Audio Trumpet MULTiFORMAT
Sonart Audio 'TRUMPET' - Featuring over 5,150 24bit samples & 144Patches! More than 3.3 Gb of New Trumpet Sounds!
- Trumpet Cup Mute - Fall- Trumpet Cup Mute - Flutter- Trumpet Cup Mute - Lasy- Trumpet Cup Mute - Legato- Trumpet Cup Mute - Staccato- Trumpet Cup Mute - Trill- Trumpet Cup Mute - Up- Trumpet Harmon Mute - Fall- Trumpet Harmon Mute - Flutter- Trumpet Harmon Mute - Legato- Trumpet Harmon Mute - Staccato- Trumpet Harmon Mute - Trill- Trumpet Harmon Mute - Up- Trumpet Straight Mute - Legato- Trumpet Straight Mute - Shakes- Trumpet Straight Mute - Swel- Trumpet Straight Mute - Vibrato- Trumpet Open - Fall- Trumpet Open - Flutter- Trumpet Open - Legato- Trumpet Open - Punch- Trumpet Open - Staccato- Trumpet Open - Trill- Trumpet Open - Up
734mb-- doubt its 3gig of sounds?


Ras Saddhu said...

Blessings to the Audio Pirate team...
I man having problems in this ifile, not being able to request the ticket... I used to be able(clicking on top of the words, on the left hand corner) but nowadays i just cant Neither Internet explorer nor Firefox....
Hence not being able to download it.
Can anyone help me ?PLS?
Ah, thanks you one againg for the Trilogy and stylus
Giving thanks
Ras Saddhu

Howwwl said...

Ras Saddhu
try this

Anonymous said...

there is two identical part 3's and no part 4. Any fixes coming? Thanks for all the awesome posts. Thx MCF

Howwwl said...

I could not find anything wrong with the link...the links... or the iso?

am I missing somthing?

Anonymous said...

como se instala?

Anonymous said...

nevermind...i must've copied and pasted part 3 in textedit...sorry

Anonymous said...

Hi, just got to part 7 and radidshare is saying that i cant download it because i am already downloading something (which i am not).

Any ideas why?


Anonymous said...

i have every part, unzipped it, mounted image but...there is no .EXE!!! and no .dll , nothing to make it work...please help i really need this great vst

Howwwl said...

this is for reason .. giga
or multiformat

needs to loaded into somthing..
point a suporting synth etc. at the lib and it works well

Anonymous said...

the link is broken. please re up