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Thursday, 4 December 2008

The Rhythm Station

Big Fish Audio - The Rhythm Station WAV.REX.AiFF.Apple.Loops
Need a new drummer? One with some fresh, original grooves you haven'theard before? Check out the Rhythm Station with over 400 live drum andpercussion loops.These well played grooves range from 64 to 134 bpm and feature tight,dry and funky sets, scratchy beats and processed kits. With an emphasison raw and natural sounding drums, these kits are perfect for R&B,Jazz, Hip-Hop, African, Latin, Brazilian, Reggae, World Beat and more.With a clean, live, original acoustic sound, you won't find a set withthese kind of grooves anywhere else. The real acoustic feel you'relooking for is in The Rhythm Station.



Anonymous said...

Dear AP @ Howll....your dedication and generosity is very much appreciated and hopefully someday when I have more time I can return the favour....have a nice weekend



djobzy said...

muchas grcias men aunque casi no pude descargar el primer enñlace gracias

Anonymous said...

I was able to d/l but when I went to unrar all of the 12 parts it gave me an error near the end of the process saying "The archive 'dyn-bfatrs' could not be expanded, the file 'dyn-bfatrs.iso' it contains seems to be boken.". However, it did leave me with a folder (76kb) which contained only the .nfo file along with a jpg & URL for Project W but not the files themselves.

The .nfo file said "Unrar, and Burn or mount the image" but without being able to unrar the files there not much I can do right?

Did anybody else have the same problem? Any ideas on what I should do?



Howwwl said...

try finding the bad rar and down load it again..

That would be my guess..

Anonymous said...

Cool, thx for the tip... I was able to sort out the unrar issue...

However, I thought the rx2 files would work with my Logic 6 EXS24 sampler but for some reason they load up and then the sampler just plays a default sine note instead of the samples from Rhythm Station.

Anybody else have any similar issues?

Anonymous said...

REX files are better played in REASON4 using Dr Rex LOOP PLAYER.