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Everything on here is from links I've found on the web, i haven't uploaded any of this stuff myself.
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Tuesday, 2 December 2008

The list..and then some

your a big help didjital

The list..and then some

didjital found a nice list of links... I decided to search around my self and added still more links..

Many of the links are older now but a ton work fine... sometimes its hard to find things you may have missed.. so look over the list.. grab any goodies you may have missed..
This list is really 3 lists... no idea who the original uploaders were... but we must thank them
good luck


Sonicblu said...

Hi and thanks for uploading this,
looks like lots of great stuff!!!
some of the links are for
I guess thats a whole other thing then
because when I went there,
and I found I didn't have an account or anything,
but I do at
I thought maybe somebody just changed a couple letters for stealth kinda reasons
but, I guess not.
Is as good as ???

Sonicblu said...

Ok now I've tried a whole lot of the ones
but they all come up as
The file could not be found. Please check the download link."
Are all these links dead,
or is there something I'm missing,
like you have to change something in the url address to get it to work
Anyone out there know???

Howwwl said...

rapidshare .de is german.. much the same as

many of the links are prolly dead...


gnome said...

I can't believe, after the service you provide us. Giving us the power to use so much, high end, audio software, for free. People criticize you. For anything, let alone posting other peoples links. This is in the disclaimer "Everything on here is from links I've found on the web, i haven't uploaded any of this stuff myself." The disclaimer is one of the first things you see when you go to the site. I am very appreciative of this site. Thank you audiopirate. Keep up the good work.

Howwwl said...

never mind him its skizzo he complains at all the sites he goes to..
I didnt post some links he tried to post..

Im hopeing he will get over it and join up or leave before I have to kill the gibson

agdm said...

this is great!!!

hopefully one day it can be split into Mac, Mac Intel and PC

Anonymous said...

Well, sadly most of the links are dead. No surprise really...

Will keep working through them and see which ones are still live.

I will then repost the list with the dead links removed.

Howwwl said...

that would be real cool..
I kinda like the lists..
ofton you find over looked stuff on them

Thanks again

Anonymous said...

could someone upload the logic updates and the jampacks again and post the links here? they don't work anymore...