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Sunday, 21 December 2008

KeyToSound Production Pack

KeyToSound Production Pack v1.0r4 AU RTAS VST OSX UB
The Production Packis a collection of four studio quality audiomastering plug-ins available in AU/RTAS/VST formats, 64-bit, universalbinary and compatible with Windows Vista!"In the various studios I work I've used most of the high end pluginsincluding McDSP and Waves, in both RTAS and VST versions. When I firstheard about KeyToSound's Production Pack, I thought it was anothergeneric Compressor and EQ. What a surprise to me when I put Vintage EQon Tim Hockenberry's vocals for the final song on his debut album (onAbout/AG/Universal Records). Wow! The Essential Compressor can competeeasily with a vintage LA-2A or any of other software plugins. I'd putthis compressor in a class by itself, it's analog and precise andsounds like a tube circuit. Very useful for vocals, guitars, drums...just about anything. There is no other compressor like it on themarket. The Production Pack is a great set of tools for any engineer.Great stuff!"Gabriel Shepard, Audio Engineer,RIAA Gold and Platinum awards,(Cake, Chuck Prophet, Sun Kil Moon, Howard Tate)Dynamic EQ 1.0r4The Dynamic EQ is a 64 bit, zero latency signal processor thatcombines the functions of a compressor with the results of an equalizer.The combination of these features gives the Dynamic EQ an advantage over"static" equalizers in that it can respond in real time to signal input,applying equalization when it is needed, rather than all the time.Features:- 4 bands with solo feature and individual metering- threshold, ratio, attack, and release settings per band- Frequency, bandwidth, and gain settings per band- Global metering- +12db gain output- A/B setting switching- MIDI CC learnEssential Compressor 1.0r4Need quick, precise compression? You've found it.The Essential Compressor is an extremely versatile and transparentcompressor, designed for the discerning engineer who does not want anycoloration or character added to the signal. The Essential Compressorlends itself perfectly for instruments ranging from classicalinstruments to rock bass and drums.Features:- 64 bit- responsive VU level indicator for input and output signal- A/B preset switching capable of automated setting changes- MIDI CC learn- +/- 24db headroom Precision EQ 1.0r4The Precision EQ is your next go to EQ for precise equalization.Featuring a FFT representation of either the input or output signal, youcan see your equalization results, even if your ears deceive you.featuring:- 64 bit precision- 7 bands with Gain, Frequency, and "Q" settings- 7 different filter types per band- graphical drag and drop curve setting- global output meteringVintage EQ 1.0r4Give your tracks an awesome vintage sound!The Vintage EQ gets its name from the warmth and character you hear whenpassing a signal through this EQ. Any seasoned mastering or recordingengineer will know that when using a digital EQ, such as the PrecisionEQ, the frequency reponse appraches 0dB as the signal frequencyapproaches the Nyquist frequency. The Vintage EQ does the opposite.A very important element to this powerful EQ is that unlike it'scompetitors, the Vintage EQ does not use oversampling, since that wouldrequire downsampling and pre-filtering (to avoid aliasing) which in turnwould ruin the sound.The Vintage EQ features:- FFT display of incoming and outgoing signal - 64 bit precision- 7 bands with Gain, Frequency, and "Q" settings- 7 different filter types per band- graphical drag and drop curve setting- global output meteringKeyToSound Production Pack v1.0r4 AU RTAS VST OSX UB
this may be osx only..
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Anonymous said...

Another collection of sounds not suitable for multitracking due to the fact that the sounds have been 'engineered' already...excellent for DJs though. I would never use pre-engineered sound collections in my tracks...these collections are already 'dirty'. Even better, design your own sounds...this way you know they are clean, crisp, distortion free and all you to truly express your creativity. These sound libraries only mean more work for the engineer only to find out later that they are useless. Good for DJs...always good for DJs.

Anonymous said...

great plug ins thank you. Only mac installers fyi

Anonymous said...

Hi my audio pirate friends... a small problem. The '' file is password protected, and the usual password doesn't work. Any suggestions? Thanx.

Anonymous said...

How do i install this with the keygen?!?!?!?!?

Howwwl said...

no pass needed for 'n-kppr4x

this is mac software
install notes from the info file...

1) unzip and run Production Pack 1.0 r4 Installer OS X.mpkg to install.

2) On first run, click OK to open the authorizer application.

3) Choose "I register through a browser...". Click Next.

4) Choose "Generate Challenge Code". Click Next.

5) Browse for a folder where a challenge file can be temporarily
stored. Click OK.

6) Run and choose appropriate plug.

7) Choose Generate and browse for a file named Challenge.k2schal
stored in the folder selected in step 5.

8) Select Challenge.k2schal and click Open.

9) Browse for a folder where the response file can be temporarily
stored. Click Save.

10) In the authorizer app, choose Install.

11) Browse for the .resp file created in step 9.

12) Click Finish.

13) Reload plug to apply authorization.

14) Repeat steps 2 - 13 for all the plugins in the Pack.

15) Try the soft.

16) Buy the soft.

17) Enjoy!!

Cheebs said...

Lovein it!!