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Sunday, 7 December 2008

Full sage library

Spectrasonics Stylus RMX -
full sage library all in one
include last version,all Core Library, user library Consists from:Afrolatin Slam,BackBeat,Big Bad Beats,Burning Grooves,Chemical Beats,Chemical Synths,Cuckooland Unhinged,Discovery Firm reggae one way,DrumStyles,Electro Magnetic Pulse,Ethnic Flavours,Ethno Techno,EW Joey Kramer Converted REX files for RMX,Funk Construction,Funk Guitar,Grinding Beats,Hardcore Breakbeat Action,Hip Hop & Swing Breakdown,House & Garage Construction,loopmasters-afro.latin.producer,Loopmasters-Downbeat Leftfield,Loopmasters-Drum & Bass Masterclas,Loopmasters-Electro Breaks,Loopmasters-Jazz World,Loopmasters-Lounge Chillout,Loopmasters-Producer Essentials,Loopmasters-Raw Power,Loopmasters-Urban Soul,M-Audio Funky Beats,M-Audio Junkyard,M-Audio Late Nite,M-Audio One Big World,M-Audio Rice and Beans,M-Audio Underground Sound System,NoizBox,Reason - Percussion Loops,Reggae Connection,Reggae One Way Discovery Firm,Retro Funk,Return To Planet Of The Breaks,Rhythm Guitar & FX,RMX 160dB Drum&Bass Interface,Smokers Delight - CD2,Stark Raving Beats,Vocal Planet
FULL SAGE, JUST UNRAR ON HARD DRIVE ( about 26 Gigabyte library) and create a Shortcut To SAGE, and copy the shortcut to C:\Program Files\Spectrasonics. Make certain to remove the “Shortcut To” from the name, leaving the shortcut named as SAGE!!!!



Tyko said...

Hi Pirate,

Can these libraries be used on Intel Macs?
And, can I unrar ONLY the libraries I need?

Thanks a lot for all your hard work!

Howwwl said...

"Can these libraries be used on Intel Macs" guess is yes..

need all rars.. I know a lot huh

Anonymous said...

hail to howwl xD the ultimate leetness in audiopirate comments.

any way, can someone say if this is a must have for hiphop producers? seems thats is a download worth but im running out of memory...


Howwwl said...

if you like stylus and want more of what is given in the program you will like this. Its pretty big tho.. so I would fire up stylus and decide if its you bag.

I play rock and its not much use to me.

any body else?

Anonymous said...

Hohh hooh Waow !!

Thanks a LOT !!

maddshit said...

thanks man im a Stylus User so for me this is a great post
keep up the good said wait an i waited..wooowwww

Anonymous said...

real hiphop producers don´t need stylus rmx. make your own beatz!!!

Anonymous said...

dam howwwl this is probably one of the biggest single posts i have yet to see on any site!!! too bad i am also a rock/metal player

Maddshit said...

WHAT !!!!!
What You know about Stylus Fool..
Get Your Shit Correct...
If you got something to say please Leave Your Name ....Bitch boy

Anonymous said...

part # 20, 21, 24 & 30 are missing. really appriciate if you could upload them.

thanks for your great affort.

Howwwl said...

rars 20, 21, 24 & 30 are ok..
try downloading again..

Geoffrey said...

Hello how decompressed files to .rar? ( ihave all of parts)

There are folders but no files once decompressed?!

do you have a solution?

thx a lot

Howwwl said...

check your rars to make sure they are ok...
winrar can test them..

I have no problems extracting..
lets try and get you fixed up..

Anonymous said...

Great post!!!
Stylus is outstanding, the people who dont understand that, have nothing to do with music production. Thanx Howwwl!

Anonymous said...

You were right; there was nothing wrong with the parts 20, 21, 24 & 30. I just re-downloaded the same file and it worked.

The installation was very smooth, without any hitch. Only issue I have is that I cannot load two user lib (Vocal planet & Vocal Planet CD1) all the data is there but when I load into Stylus, it skips to the previous loaded lib.

Even if I am not been able to use these two libs, all other Libs wored very well for this the upload was far more worth. Thanks again for such a big hard step to upload this big post.

Anonymous said...

this is a great Collection

plz let me finish it

Geoffrey said...

when i decompressed the rar files

time up to 90 hour's????????

i don't have a little pc....

so what's the problem?

stylus programm is it in the pack?

sorry for my bad english

Howwwl said...

90 hours is a lot... but it does take a long time..

the program is not included but you can find it if you go to main page-top upper left corner and do a search

this has been tested

Geoffrey said...

xcuz but the link for stylus is broken ....

Howwwl said...

really ?

Anonymous said...

finally have RMX running with the sounds under Acid Pro 7. Thank u. Sounds are amazing. However when I switch from "multi" to "kit" mode... description of sound files are there but when I play doesnt' sound. Hmmmm... anyone have the same issue?

Anonymous said...

a great post, how do i install these in osx?

giorgio loco said...


i have a problem with the pass. is not working for me.

thank you

Anonymous said...

The pass and freshsound, or whatever, are not working. Any help?

Anonymous said...

For those having problems unraring on Mac, use RAR Expander. Stuffit Expander does not like this upload for some reason. The new pass posted works. Hope this helps!