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Sunday, 21 December 2008



AAMS Analyzer calculates automaticly music sound material, showing the differences between Source and Reference (Matching). Presented in a 5hz to 20Khz Spectrum Display, Equalization Suggestion, Multiband Compression Suggestionand Loudness Suggestion. Process Info Displays are automaticly generated and passed to the DSP-Processors. You can setup AAMS in a few steps and AAMS will generate a new master on the fly.
Check your music against other musical styles! With the allready available 100+ Reference Style Database selecting a good matching Reference is easy and is a good headstart. AAMS can offer endless possibilities for Analyzing Audio, Mixing and Mastering. With the Reference Parametric EQ it is easy to adjust the Reference, so you can add a touch of EQ in the process. You can pre-listen on the DSP-Player and select a good Reference in real time. When the Reference is saved you can use it for the rest of your audio material and have your own sound. You can also generate a new Reference Style from scratch with AAMS.
Now you can listen to what you expect!

manual.. tuts info @ curioza.dotcom

about a year old.. but interesting



Bob said...

this works awesome ...

Anonymous said...

Oh my god, what unnecessary warez download !

Just download the OFFICIAL latest version (2.2 Rev 002):

...and the relative keygen:

That's all ! 8)


Anonymous said...

this app sucks fucking ass. use T-Racks instead, if you want to keep mastering simple. although version 3 will suck every ounce of CPU you have in your PC, haha. i still use version 2, cos it's small, lite, simple and does a decent job

Anonymous said...

^^^^^ T-Racks is only up to version 1.3 what are you smoking

moneypuppet said...

i have both the tracks and this a.a.m.s....they work great together! this does a great will consume some time but worth it