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Independent Music Network

Independent Music Network
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Wednesday, 31 December 2008

Smaart v.6

Smaart is the most straightforward and widely used software for real-time sound system measurement, optimization and control.
Smaart v.6 performs dual-channel, FFT-based audio measurement in an intuitive, accessible interface that seamlessly integrates measurement, analysis, and data logging. It can also remotely control an extensive, constantly expanding list of professional equalizers and DSP processors.
Smaart v.6 now runs native under both Mac OS X and Windows from the same unified source code. (not tested...)

Support for ASIO Multi-Channel Input Devices
Smaart v.6 can receive multi-channel inputs via ASIO under Windows or Core Audio on Mac OS X, enabling selection of measurement signals from a multi-channel device within Smaart. This new data acquisition module opens up a vast array of multi-channel audio devices now available on the market, such as the Mackie Onyx 800F FireWire preamp. It also greatly simplifies the hardware setup requirements for operating a multi-microphone Smaart measurement rig.

New Real-Time Measurement Mode
All Smaart real-time measurements (RTA, Spectrograph, Transfer Function (magnitude and phase), and Impulse Response now run concurrently, and any two measurements can be viewed simultaneously. The result is the ability to run hybrid measurement modes that display real-time Spectrum and Frequency Response data at the same time. This platform allows operators to significantly expand the way they measure and address their sound systems.

* Two-Channel RTA: Selectable linear or fractional octave banding (down to 1/24th octave resolution), peak-hold, THD calculation, user-defined timed averaging, and standard Noise Criterion curves (when calibrated for SPL measurement).
* Single-Channel Spectrograph: 3-D display of a signal’s spectral content over time helps identify feedback frequencies, system resonances, and mechanical noise.
* Frequency Response Magnitude & Coherence: Measurements down to 1/24th octave resolution of system magnitude response with comprehensive rms and vector averaging functionality and a corresponding Coherence measurement indicating data quality/stability.
* Phase Response: Measurements down to 1/24th octave resolution of system phase response.

Enhanced Impulse Response Mode
Impulse Response Mode now operates in its own window that runs independently of real-time Spectrum and Transfer Function measurements. The Impulse Response Mode has also been expanded to include intuitive tools for analyzing and dissecting IR measurements on the fly, such as a user-specified time window function for retrieving frequency domain data from specific portions of an impulse response.

Expanded Signal Generator Functionality
Smaart v.6 adds triggered swept sine waves for impulse response measurements to its standard list of generator signals and functions. The triggered swept sine functionality operates with the FFT length-specific, synchronized measurement sources, and enables the user to do traditional laboratory and QC measurements.

Object-Oriented, Multi-Threaded Program Architecture
Multiple sessions of Smaart can now run simultaneously, allowing for the integration of multiple simultaneous system measurements in later releases. A new API (Application Programming Interface) allows other software programs – even third party programs such as Dolby Lake - to import Smaart data and control the Smaart measurement engines remotely. And, with code base portability, Smaart’s measurement engines are now separate code “objects” that can be integrated into other EAW/LOUD Technologies products such as the SPL meter on the new EAW UMX.96 digital mixing console.

Tuesday, 30 December 2008

Pre Sets

Camel BiolabsMassiveSounds
impOSCar sounds

pass if needed

Sunday, 28 December 2008

guitar pak

Native instruments Guitar Rig v3.1.0 ...updt FuLL
Guitar Rig is an all-in-one software and hardware set-up for guitarists and bass players. A huge range of emulated amps and effects are complemented by a robust foot controller boasting an integrated, studio-quality sound card.
Alien Connections ReValver Mk II v2.0.1
The reinvention of ReValver by Alien Connection sees some nice updates hit the Mk II version. ReValver is a tube amp modeling VST that allows you to experimentally tweak your tubes without risking electrocution -- or worse yet, breaking your amp.
Allowing for maximum manipulability, ReValver has more than 15 programmable features of each tube stage that can be set with a graphical interface. Any virtual tube in any virtual amp can be tweaked with your choices of 17 different tube types.
In addition, ReValver Mk II models stompboxes, effects, reverbs, compressors and more. There are over 50 available modules worth. And to conclude, here's the features at a glance:
Amplitube Live v2.0.2 VST RTAS
AmpliTube 2 Live Guitar & Bass Amp and Fx Modeling Software
AmpliTube 2 Live is a complete guitar amp modeling solution and effects powerhouse with ultra accurate models of the most sought after gear and the ability to mix and match separate components to build your own amps and craft a unique and ultimate tone. It comes both as a standalone application and a plug-in compatible with your favorite recording software, including Pro Tools, Cubase, Logic, GarageBand, and others.
Guitar Chord Buster Pro 4.4
Guitar Chord Buster Pro is a play & learn guitar chord software in a computer with the world's largest guitar chord Encyclopaedia over 302,300 guitar chords in standard tuning, it is a guitar represented in a computer. It has all the characteristics of a real guitar. The difference is that Guitar Chord Buster Pro also has a powerful set of tools around it that guitar books can't provide.
All possible chords also available in 43 non-standard tunings plus your own custom tunings. You can set-up and play any chord and pick sequence that may be played on a real guitar
Space Effect VST v2.0
The Space Effect has the same architecture as the Space Synthesizer, minus the oscillator. Therefore this description is a bit similar to the Space Synthesizer's. While the Space Synthesizer is an instrument, the Space Effect is an effect, which can be used as an insert or as a send effect. It may be used to process other plugins or external instruments, such as synths, drums or guitars. ..its older but cool

Monday, 22 December 2008


crz ind presents:
TRAKTOR PRO Professional four-deck DJ software for club and studio
Professional DJ software, integrating industry-standard workflows into an intuitive and stylish interfaceModular user interface featuring 4 playback decks with automatic beat-gridding of tracks, advanced beat detection and Sync Lock for perfect mixing 21 professional effects - tempo sync to any deck or route an external source through the industry-leading effects sectionAuto Loop makes it easy to create synchronized loops on the fly with precise control over loop In and Out points Fully featured 4-channel mixer, emulating the Xone: 92™ 4-band EQ and filters by Allen & Heath and three other high end equalizersReal-time track management with incremental search, Crate Flick artwork browsing, iPod™ and iTunes compatibility Play, cue, jog wheel control, hot cues, and loop setting / adjusting follow the same intuitive workflow as industry-standard hardwareAutomatic gain control based on perceived loudness; high-quality key correctionDirectly record your set to disk with the integrated recorder supporting internal and external audio inputSupports multiple MIDI controllers and advanced MIDI assignments, as well as the sync'ing of external gear through MIDI clock functionality


no pass

the first release that is working!but anyway...have fun!have fun...grtz CRAZORE


Sunday, 21 December 2008



AAMS Analyzer calculates automaticly music sound material, showing the differences between Source and Reference (Matching). Presented in a 5hz to 20Khz Spectrum Display, Equalization Suggestion, Multiband Compression Suggestionand Loudness Suggestion. Process Info Displays are automaticly generated and passed to the DSP-Processors. You can setup AAMS in a few steps and AAMS will generate a new master on the fly.
Check your music against other musical styles! With the allready available 100+ Reference Style Database selecting a good matching Reference is easy and is a good headstart. AAMS can offer endless possibilities for Analyzing Audio, Mixing and Mastering. With the Reference Parametric EQ it is easy to adjust the Reference, so you can add a touch of EQ in the process. You can pre-listen on the DSP-Player and select a good Reference in real time. When the Reference is saved you can use it for the rest of your audio material and have your own sound. You can also generate a new Reference Style from scratch with AAMS.
Now you can listen to what you expect!

manual.. tuts info @ curioza.dotcom

about a year old.. but interesting


KeyToSound Production Pack

KeyToSound Production Pack v1.0r4 AU RTAS VST OSX UB
The Production Packis a collection of four studio quality audiomastering plug-ins available in AU/RTAS/VST formats, 64-bit, universalbinary and compatible with Windows Vista!"In the various studios I work I've used most of the high end pluginsincluding McDSP and Waves, in both RTAS and VST versions. When I firstheard about KeyToSound's Production Pack, I thought it was anothergeneric Compressor and EQ. What a surprise to me when I put Vintage EQon Tim Hockenberry's vocals for the final song on his debut album (onAbout/AG/Universal Records). Wow! The Essential Compressor can competeeasily with a vintage LA-2A or any of other software plugins. I'd putthis compressor in a class by itself, it's analog and precise andsounds like a tube circuit. Very useful for vocals, guitars, drums...just about anything. There is no other compressor like it on themarket. The Production Pack is a great set of tools for any engineer.Great stuff!"Gabriel Shepard, Audio Engineer,RIAA Gold and Platinum awards,(Cake, Chuck Prophet, Sun Kil Moon, Howard Tate)Dynamic EQ 1.0r4The Dynamic EQ is a 64 bit, zero latency signal processor thatcombines the functions of a compressor with the results of an equalizer.The combination of these features gives the Dynamic EQ an advantage over"static" equalizers in that it can respond in real time to signal input,applying equalization when it is needed, rather than all the time.Features:- 4 bands with solo feature and individual metering- threshold, ratio, attack, and release settings per band- Frequency, bandwidth, and gain settings per band- Global metering- +12db gain output- A/B setting switching- MIDI CC learnEssential Compressor 1.0r4Need quick, precise compression? You've found it.The Essential Compressor is an extremely versatile and transparentcompressor, designed for the discerning engineer who does not want anycoloration or character added to the signal. The Essential Compressorlends itself perfectly for instruments ranging from classicalinstruments to rock bass and drums.Features:- 64 bit- responsive VU level indicator for input and output signal- A/B preset switching capable of automated setting changes- MIDI CC learn- +/- 24db headroom Precision EQ 1.0r4The Precision EQ is your next go to EQ for precise equalization.Featuring a FFT representation of either the input or output signal, youcan see your equalization results, even if your ears deceive you.featuring:- 64 bit precision- 7 bands with Gain, Frequency, and "Q" settings- 7 different filter types per band- graphical drag and drop curve setting- global output meteringVintage EQ 1.0r4Give your tracks an awesome vintage sound!The Vintage EQ gets its name from the warmth and character you hear whenpassing a signal through this EQ. Any seasoned mastering or recordingengineer will know that when using a digital EQ, such as the PrecisionEQ, the frequency reponse appraches 0dB as the signal frequencyapproaches the Nyquist frequency. The Vintage EQ does the opposite.A very important element to this powerful EQ is that unlike it'scompetitors, the Vintage EQ does not use oversampling, since that wouldrequire downsampling and pre-filtering (to avoid aliasing) which in turnwould ruin the sound.The Vintage EQ features:- FFT display of incoming and outgoing signal - 64 bit precision- 7 bands with Gain, Frequency, and "Q" settings- 7 different filter types per band- graphical drag and drop curve setting- global output meteringKeyToSound Production Pack v1.0r4 AU RTAS VST OSX UB
this may be osx only..
brought to you by
didjital ..

Thursday, 18 December 2008

Beta Monkey Samples....

Beta Monkey Double Bass Mania II

Beta Monkey Drum Werks I: Rock

Beta Monkey Drum Werks IV: Pop Rock/Blues

Beta Monkey Drums Werks V: Alternative Rock

Beta Monkey Drum Werks X: Punk

pass for all....

Garage Band Jam Packs

Apple GarageBand Jam Pack 2: Remix

Apple GarageBand Jam Pack 6: Voices



Amplitube Collection for MAC


AmpliTube 2: Live
AmpliTube: Jimi Hendrix
AmpliTube: Metal
Amplitube: Ampeg SVX
AmpliTube 2
AmpliTube: X-Gear

uploaded by Joey....


Celemony Melodyne v.1.0.1- MAC

With the ultra-flexible Melodyne plugin, editing audio becomes fast and easy. Thanks to its musical display, unique time-stretching and pitch-shifting algorithms, unmatched sound quality and intuitive operation, Melodyne plugin makes the resolution of timing and intonation problems child's play, thereby simplifying, and increasing the efficiency of, day-to-day music production in the studio. At the same time, Melodyne plugin offers fantastic creative possibilities way beyond the scope of conventional audio software.



Audio Damage DubStation v1.5.1 VST AU

The DubStation plug-in is modeled on the "bucket-brigade" style of vintage delay units, and has all the mojo that made those boxes great. Accurate down to the warm sound of the feedback loop and the low-fidelity character of the originals, DubStation is just what the (witch) doctor ordered.

Mac Only

Audio Damage DubStation v1.5.1 VST AU

Audio Damage Ratshack Reverb v2.0.0 VST AU

Ratshack Reverb is a detailed model of that classic of classics, the Realistic Electronic Reverb. Now, you can have the sound of everyone's first analog delay unit, without ever having to change batteries!

As anyone who has owned this unit (which is just about everyone...) knows, it was actually an analog delay, and we've done our best to exactly replicate the sound and quirks of the original. We've even modeled the distortion that occurs by running a line signal in to the mic inputs.

Ratshack Reverb v2.0 features a completely re-written delay engine, which more accurately recreates the suck of the original. Never before has a vintage effect of such low quality been as painstakingly modeled as Ratshack Reverb v2.0. All kidding aside, this effect is quite capable of providing everything from that classic analog slap-back to howling self-oscillating feedback.



FXPansion VST to AU Adapter v2.0

Wednesday, 17 December 2008

Ableton Live 7 Explained

Groovebox Training Ableton Live 7 Explained Vol. 1
This collection of Ableton Live 7 video tutorials, presented by Ableton Live super genius Craig McCullough, will explain the basics such as unlocking Live, audio settings, working with clips, to more advance topics such as sends and returns, MIDI editing, exporting audio and much more. Craig demystifies the powerful Ableton Live 7 like no one else and takes you step-by-step from the beginning. You’ll get up and running fast and be on your way to becoming a true Ableton Live 7 power user!
335 MB

EZX Funk Masters

Toontrack EZdrummer EZX Funk Masters HYBRID DVDR Win/Mac
This is a unique and exclusive recording of two of the most important drummers in popular music. Clyde Stubblefield and John Starks. On their own or in tandem, Starks and Stubblefield were the principal drummers for the Godfather of Soul and Funk, Mr. James Brown. Fans and critics alike cite their collective era in BrownÆs band as the pinnacle of Funk. Their combined drumming on the classic double-album "Sex Machine" is some of the most innovative, inspired and funky playing ever recorded.
450 MB

Chris Hein Horns

Best Service Chris Hein Horns Vol.1 VSTi DXi RTAS AU HYBRiD DVDR

Chris Hein Horns is an outstanding virtual sampled brass instrument library.Instruments: Alt-Sax, Tenor-Sax, Trumpet, Trombone & Trumpet-Section
Main Features:
- ca. 20.000 Samples- 3,5 GB content- 4.500 - 6.000 Samples per instrument- Up to 44 different playing techniques- All playing techniques in one programm with up to 44 keyswitches- Up to 20 Velocities per note- a choice of up to 189 variations per note- 35 intelligent MIDI controllers included- reverb, delay, chorus & 3-band EQ included- New control features:
* Growl-Control, Air-Control, Keys-Control, Spit-Control, Dirty-Notes,* Breath Release-Trigger, Legato-Mode, Real-Vibrato
- reverb, delay, chorus & 3-band EQ included- New control features:
* Growl-Control, Air-Control, Keys-Control, Spit-Control, Dirty-Notes,* Breath Release-Trigger, Legato-Mode, Real-Vibrato
3.4 GB


Use you imagination and put a picture here

Cakewalk Sonar v8.0 Producer Edition DVDR D1 1.71 GB
The Leading Choice in Digital Audio Workstations SONAR 8 Producer gives you what you need for recording, composing, editing, mixing, and mastering. Get innovations that matter, from exclusive features to ignite creativity and perfect your tracks, to groundbreaking technologies that always keep you in control, all backed by the industry's leading 64-bit audio quality. And SONAR 8 Producer delivers the go-to production tools you want with the best collection of virtual instruments, mixing, and mastering effects found in any DAW. With unlimited tracks, amazing creative tools, inspiring virtual instruments, the freedom to work with any audio interface or control surface, and the most complete delivery capability for collaborationwith users of other DAWS, award-winning SONAR Producer is your best choice in a digital audio workstation. SONAR 8 is the only DAW that offers one-of-a-kind music creation tools that actually help in the songwriting process. Whether you are searching for new ideas or looking to add musical parts to existing songs, SONAR 8 can help you break through those creative blocks.

Sonar 8 comes as a 4 DVD set:DVD 1 - Cakewalk SonarDVD 2 - Cakwalk BeatscapeDVD 3 - Cakewalk Dimension ProDVD 4 - Additional materials
this is dvd1 and dvd2 .... pass works this time..
sorry for the problem..


LinPlug RM-V Drum Addiction VSTi v5.0.3 DVDR
RMV is a Drum Synthesizer & Sampler, Loop Slicer and Librarian. It includes more than 10,000 sampled and synthesized drum sounds, 2,600 MIDI grooves, 1,500 Loops as well as a comprehensive 150 page reference manual (PDF) in English, French and Italian.
* Drum Synthesizer.* Drum Sampler.* Audio Loop Modules (Slicer & Player).* Drum Librarian.* 32-voice polyphony.* Multiple instances of the RMV can be opened.* 48 polyphonic Pads for the universal or specialized Drum Synthesizers or Drum Samplers.* Six independent Audio Loop Modules with up to 64 slices each.* Each Pad and each Slice features its own controls for:o Volume.o Pan.o Output Selection.o Tune (+- 24 semitones in 10 cent intervals).o Two independent Effects Send.* Each Pad and Slice can belong to one of 10 Edit Groups (parameters for all Pads or Slices in a Group can be adjusted simultaneously).* Each Pad and each Slice can have additional modules:o A 12x12 Modulation Matrix.o 3 independent LFOs.o A Distortion and BitCrusher.o A multimode AHDSR-controlled filter.o A four-band parametric equalizer.o Three insert effects racks each of which can be set to one of nine different effects units.o A "Varizer" for unbeaten realistic humanizing.* Each Pad additionally features its own controls for loading and saving Pad files, Choke Group (12 groups are available including prev/next and self-mute), Trigger Key, Polyphony (mono... 8, full), Mute and Solo.* Almost all instrument parameters are MIDI controllable.
Audio Module Features:
* Pads and Audio Loop Modules provide mono and true stereo sample playback and processing.* Pads can hold either a Sampler or Synth Audio module:o A percussion sampler module.o 2 different kick drum modules.o 2 different snare drum modules.o Open and closed hihat modules.o A Tom module.o A Clap module.o Two cymbal modules.o A simple and easy FM percussion module.o A flexible, universal purpose drum synthesizer.* Each Sampler module can hold up to 30 samples that can be layered, velocity-switched or -crossfaded and with parameters for start, end, reverse, volume and delay.* Sampler also features:o A Pitch Envelope with two successive Pitch and Time phases.o An AHDSR Envelope for controlling Amplitude.* Sample Waveform Display additionally shows Pitch- , Amplitude- and Filter-Envelope.* Samples can also be opened and edited in an external editor and then reloaded into the RMV right from RMV user interface.* Switchable response to MIDI Note Off.* Supported sample formats:o WAV 8-32 bit, mono and stereo, any sample rate.o AIF 8-24 bit, mono and stereo, any sample rate.o REX and REX 2.
2,33 GB

Monday, 15 December 2008


Bundle includes following plugins as x32 and x64 versions:
LP-64 EQ linear phase mastering EQ
LP-64 Multiband linear phase multiband limiter/compressor
Boost 11 peak limiter
TL-64 Tube Leveler
Synth & Specialty Effects:
TS-64 Transient Shaper
Channel Strips, Stereo & Panning:
Channel Tools L/Rùsample delay and Panwidth

Tuesday, 9 December 2008

Ultrawave Guitar Multi Fx

Ultrawave Guitar Multi Fx is a powerful Guitar Effects Processor that contains 21 guitar effects including several special effects as well as a guitar synthesizer, analog harmonic analyser, recorder and tuner. It works in real-time and has low latency sampling and playback.
Here are some of the advanced features: There is a fast responding polyphonic guitar synthesizer which in conjunction with a little chorus and reverb can produce some very interesting and refreshingly different sounds. The multiband echo (also called a spectral delay) can produce anything from unusual wah type sounds to sci-fi laser noises, as well as an arpeggio effect, and echoes.
Next on the list is a multiband distortion which creates a very rich and wide sound and allows you to control the amount of distortion in the bass, mid, and treble ranges. This is a hi-gain effect so it's great for rock and metal. A 60 band analog harmonic analyser shows what makes a guitar sound the way it does. The first 5 to 10 harmonics can be easily seen when a string is playing, and the note's pitch and the pitch of its harmonics can be read from the analyser's musical scale. The analyser can also be used to tune a guitar.



This is useful to some.. and free
Asio4All universal driver too.This greatly improves audio performance, reduces latency, and adds Vista Support.

Sunday, 7 December 2008

Full sage library

Spectrasonics Stylus RMX -
full sage library all in one
include last version,all Core Library, user library Consists from:Afrolatin Slam,BackBeat,Big Bad Beats,Burning Grooves,Chemical Beats,Chemical Synths,Cuckooland Unhinged,Discovery Firm reggae one way,DrumStyles,Electro Magnetic Pulse,Ethnic Flavours,Ethno Techno,EW Joey Kramer Converted REX files for RMX,Funk Construction,Funk Guitar,Grinding Beats,Hardcore Breakbeat Action,Hip Hop & Swing Breakdown,House & Garage Construction,loopmasters-afro.latin.producer,Loopmasters-Downbeat Leftfield,Loopmasters-Drum & Bass Masterclas,Loopmasters-Electro Breaks,Loopmasters-Jazz World,Loopmasters-Lounge Chillout,Loopmasters-Producer Essentials,Loopmasters-Raw Power,Loopmasters-Urban Soul,M-Audio Funky Beats,M-Audio Junkyard,M-Audio Late Nite,M-Audio One Big World,M-Audio Rice and Beans,M-Audio Underground Sound System,NoizBox,Reason - Percussion Loops,Reggae Connection,Reggae One Way Discovery Firm,Retro Funk,Return To Planet Of The Breaks,Rhythm Guitar & FX,RMX 160dB Drum&Bass Interface,Smokers Delight - CD2,Stark Raving Beats,Vocal Planet
FULL SAGE, JUST UNRAR ON HARD DRIVE ( about 26 Gigabyte library) and create a Shortcut To SAGE, and copy the shortcut to C:\Program Files\Spectrasonics. Make certain to remove the “Shortcut To” from the name, leaving the shortcut named as SAGE!!!!


Friday, 5 December 2008

ReFX Vanguard

ReFX Vanguard VSTi RTAS v1.8.0
reFX presents VANGUARD, a new breed of virtual analog synthesizers. VANGUARD is the long awaited replacement for your old 19" hardware gear which you will never use again after you have tried VANGUARD.
VANGUARD is a complete new product. reFX has put all its knowledge and experience collected over the years into this project, and the result is audible: virtual analog synthesis has just made a big step forward.
VANGUARD combines the good old analog synthesizer idea with the latest technology. All analog devices of classic synthesizers are emulated by high-quality DSP (digital signal processing) functions. reFX spent a lot of time programming the synthesis functions, and the result is a warm and rich sounding synthesizer plugin with all the benefits of todays digital technology.
VANGUARD is more than just a simple synthesizer. It is equipped with 31 different type of oscillators, including uncommon digital oscillators with fresh modulation options. There is also a huge selection of filters. 13 filter types are onboard with different slopes and including a new kind of combined dual-filter variations.
In need of inspiration? No problem for VANGUARD - the trancegate and arpeggiator can help you out! The trancegate is a 16-step stereo-gate to create rhythmic gated patterns and the arpgeggiator comes with inspiring patterns and several play modes. In addition to these creative tools VANGUARD is equipped with a delay and reverb.
* Advanced analog-modelling synthesis with 3* oscillators and up to 32 voices* 31 different oscillator waveforms* 3 LFOs (low frequency oscillators)* 13 different filter types with resonance* 2 ADSR envelopes with several modulation targets* Amplifier section with drive* flexible and easy to use arpeggiator* 16 step trancegate* built-in delay with four different types* built-in reverb* Temporal effect parameters are tempo-syncd to the* VSTi host

link: hoop://rapid!!
no pass

a request.. I used this, hooked up 7 pc's can be done..not sure what I gained but was cool as hell..
good for running a heavy app on another pc..

Roland TR-808

Ltmlab Roland TR-808 VST

The Roland TR-808 Rhythm Composer was one of the first programmable drum machines ("TR" serving as an initialism for Transistor Rhythm). Introduced by the Roland Corporation in late 1980, it was originally manufactured for use as a tool for studio musicians to create demos. Like earlier Roland drum machines, it does not sound very much like a real drum kit. Indeed, because the TR-808 came out a few months after the Linn LM-1 (the first drum machine to use digital samples), professionals generally considered its sound inferior to sampling drum machines; a 1982 Keyboard Magazine review of the Linn Drum indirectly referred to the TR-808 as sounding like marching anteaters. However, the TR-808 cost US$1,000 upon its release, which was considerably more affordable than the US$5,000 LM-1.


Thursday, 4 December 2008

The Rhythm Station

Big Fish Audio - The Rhythm Station WAV.REX.AiFF.Apple.Loops
Need a new drummer? One with some fresh, original grooves you haven'theard before? Check out the Rhythm Station with over 400 live drum andpercussion loops.These well played grooves range from 64 to 134 bpm and feature tight,dry and funky sets, scratchy beats and processed kits. With an emphasison raw and natural sounding drums, these kits are perfect for R&B,Jazz, Hip-Hop, African, Latin, Brazilian, Reggae, World Beat and more.With a clean, live, original acoustic sound, you won't find a set withthese kind of grooves anywhere else. The real acoustic feel you'relooking for is in The Rhythm Station.


VirSyn Cube v2.2

VirSyn Cube v2.2 VSTi RTAS

Cube 2 is an additive synthesis musical software instrument, but uses a different approach to it. You may ask what is additive synthesis? Additive synthesis is a technique of audio synthesis which creates musical timbre. It constructs a complex sound using a series of pure tones and sine waves. Each tone and sine wave usually has its own envelope which allows independent control of each harmonic. A pipe organ is based on additive synthesis.
Cube 2 features a unique design with eight independent additive synths. It has four morphable sound sources, 512 partials per voice, morphable filter banks, three envelops with tempo synchronization and two LFOs (Low Frequency Oscillator) just to name a few. It also includes resynthesis, meaning you can import an aiff/wav sample to re-construct, which was very fun with voice samples. With your imported sample you can re-construct with the pan spectrum, sine spectrum, residual spectrum, special editing and time warp envelope with 64 breakpoints. Cube 2 comes with eight effects which include chorus, flanger, distortion, reverb and delay. Lastly, it also features an arpeggiator.
* 8 independent additive synths:
o Four morphable sound sourceso 512 partials per voiceo Harmonic/inharmonic spectrao Arbitrary noise spectrao Morphable filter bankso Ensembleo 3 Envelopes with tempo synco 64 time/level segments per envelopeo 2 LFOs
* Resynthesis:
o AIFF/WAV sample importo Sine spectrumo Residual spectrumo Pan spectrumo Spectral editingo Time warp envelope with 64 breakpoints
* 8 Effect racks:
o Chorus/Phaser/Flangero Distortiono Echo/Delayo Reverb
* Arpeggiator* System:
o Scala compatible Microtuningo Up to 8 independent outputs
* User Interface:
o Unique designo MIDI learn function



Absynth 4.04

Native Instruments Absynth 4.04 VSTi DXi RTAS
A legend in its own time, ABSYNTH returns in a more powerful, creative and intuitive guise than ever before. Renowned for its organic, evolving soundscapes that range from sublime pads to complex sonic textures, ABSYNTH 4 continues to build on its exceptional reputation. The addition of new features combined with an optimized workflow and user interface brings fluidity and simplicity to the creation of intricate and intriguing sounds.
* Award-winning semi-modular synthesizer offering an unprecedented range of sonic possibilities.* Innovative and unique combination of multiple synthesis and sampling techniques.* New user-interface providing a concise overview and convenient one-window editing.* Live stereo input allowing ABSYNTH 3 to be used as an extraordinary effect unit.* 9 sound sources, 14 filters types, dedicated modulation and more for all three channels.* Uniquely flexible envelopes with up to 68 breakpoints and sophisticated group management.* Improved envelope display including a time display, variable resolution grid and cursor showing current position in the envelope.* Dedicated surround sound function (3.1, 4.1, 5.1, 6.1, 7.1, 8.0) per channel allowing spatial manipulation of the sound or its individual components.* Real-time fractalize parameters linked to individual envelopes.* Powerful effects including a special reverb, echo, pipe, multi-tap, multi-comb.Native Instruments Absynth 4.04 VSTi DXi RTAS 140 MB
A legend in its own time, ABSYNTH returns in a more powerful, creative and intuitive guise than ever before. Renowned for its organic, evolving soundscapes that range from sublime pads to complex sonic textures, ABSYNTH 4 continues to build on its exceptional reputation. The addition of new features combined with an optimized workflow and user interface brings fluidity and simplicity to the creation of intricate and intriguing sounds.
* Award-winning semi-modular synthesizer offering an unprecedented range of sonic possibilities.* Innovative and unique combination of multiple synthesis and sampling techniques.* New user-interface providing a concise overview and convenient one-window editing.* Live stereo input allowing ABSYNTH 3 to be used as an extraordinary effect unit.* 9 sound sources, 14 filters types, dedicated modulation and more for all three channels.* Uniquely flexible envelopes with up to 68 breakpoints and sophisticated group management.* Improved envelope display including a time display, variable resolution grid and cursor showing current position in the envelope.* Dedicated surround sound function (3.1, 4.1, 5.1, 6.1, 7.1, 8.0) per channel allowing spatial manipulation of the sound or its individual components.* Real-time fractalize parameters linked to individual envelopes.* Powerful effects including a special reverb, echo, pipe, multi-tap, multi-comb


Sonart Audio Trumpet MULTiFORMAT

Sonart Audio Trumpet MULTiFORMAT
Sonart Audio 'TRUMPET' - Featuring over 5,150 24bit samples & 144Patches! More than 3.3 Gb of New Trumpet Sounds!
- Trumpet Cup Mute - Fall- Trumpet Cup Mute - Flutter- Trumpet Cup Mute - Lasy- Trumpet Cup Mute - Legato- Trumpet Cup Mute - Staccato- Trumpet Cup Mute - Trill- Trumpet Cup Mute - Up- Trumpet Harmon Mute - Fall- Trumpet Harmon Mute - Flutter- Trumpet Harmon Mute - Legato- Trumpet Harmon Mute - Staccato- Trumpet Harmon Mute - Trill- Trumpet Harmon Mute - Up- Trumpet Straight Mute - Legato- Trumpet Straight Mute - Shakes- Trumpet Straight Mute - Swel- Trumpet Straight Mute - Vibrato- Trumpet Open - Fall- Trumpet Open - Flutter- Trumpet Open - Legato- Trumpet Open - Punch- Trumpet Open - Staccato- Trumpet Open - Trill- Trumpet Open - Up
734mb-- doubt its 3gig of sounds?

Tuesday, 2 December 2008

The list..and then some

your a big help didjital

The list..and then some

didjital found a nice list of links... I decided to search around my self and added still more links..

Many of the links are older now but a ton work fine... sometimes its hard to find things you may have missed.. so look over the list.. grab any goodies you may have missed..
This list is really 3 lists... no idea who the original uploaders were... but we must thank them
good luck