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Wednesday, 19 November 2008

Symphony Strings

Sampletank Expansion Tank: Symphony Strings
Sampletank Expansion Tank: Symphony Strings. Symphony Strings is the ultimate strings sound module, featuring lush and ambient string ensembles of violins, violas, celli and basses. It is ideal for classical music and film soundtracks and a variety of musical styles such as pop, rock, jazz, dance and more.
These Strings have the sound and feel of a real concert hall and offer not just full string sections (which are commonly found in other collections), but also specific string groups. You can mix and match various ensemble sizes and instrument groups to create the desired orchestral combination. Symphony Strings also includes a number of specially created SampleTank presets, taking advantage some of ST2’s most impressive features.
Includes new programmed sounds designed to take advantage of SampleTank® 2 exclusive new engine features like STRETCH™, PSTS and modeling effects.
213.98 MB


Anonymous said...

can it work for mac?

Anonymous said...

I have downloaded this do I need to get something else to run it??? DOH!???



HowwL said...

you need sample tank... this is an expansion pak..
maybe we find that for you..

Anonymous said...

Many thanks...found SAmple TAnk...have not worked out how it works yet...doh ..still very much on the novice side......keep up the great work and thanks again..



Anonymous said...

thank for the great up!!!!
Now i have sampletank 2 ann symphony but sampletank dosn't recognize the instument. It says: instrument nt found art 1, part 2 etc...
In which folder i had to put symphony?
many thanks

Unknown said...

yo anonymous-

What you must do after you have unrared this expansion, is put it in the folder sampletank looks for instruments- or create a folder and put the instruments in it. Next,

on the sampletank interface click on the button labeled "prefs", which is located on the right side, just left of the word sampletank, underneath the big 2. When you click there, sampletank opens a dialog box called preferences, you can find out where sampletank is looking for instruments, or click browse and select the folder you have put your instruments in.

Hope that helps