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Friday, 14 November 2008

Steinberg Internal Mixing Tutorial Volume 1 and 2

The Internal Mixing DVD-ROM tutorial series is an essential resource for disk recording application users who do their mixing mainly inside their workstation. Providing hands-on strategies for using computers to make powerful, clear and perfectly balanced mixes, Internal Mixing supports you in creating them without using expensive outboard equipment. Internal Mixing includes English, French, Spanish and German soundtracks.With more than 160 minutes of video in Volume I and over 180 minutes of video on Volume II, Internal Mixing covers tried and tested methods for achieving that often elusive sound known from professionally produced CDs and DVDs. Covering a huge range of issues surrounding mixes, Internal Mixing offers valuable insights into topics such as native and DSP-based plug-ins, the concepts behind positioning instruments and voices within a three dimensional sound field, frequency spaces, optimized mixing workflow and much, much more.


Unknown said...

Just what the DR. ordered

Thanks so much

Anonymous said...

This looks really promising!!

Tough 43 rar files will take a long , long time to download.

Anonymous said...

Kepp getting error when trying to unrar
! F:\mixing\SIM_VOL_1.part08.rar: CRC failed in the encrypted file Internal Mixing I.iso (wrong password ?)

please help

HowwL said...

make sure problem rar is
97,657kb ..

Ensue you are entering correct pass.. included with links

try dling bad file again

works fine... popcorn and beer pack not included
still have problems let me know..

Anonymous said...

The server is momentarily not available.

If you can maybe re-up this link.please

Anonymous said...

Nm rapidshare fixed the problem thanks alot audio pirate

Anonymous said...

sorry i figured out what i did to much copy cut and pasting i pasted over the part 5 file which then became the part 4 file again oops im sorry but hey BIG THankS
You MY MAN Kick Serious
Keep rolling What ya do we all appreciate it.///

Anonymous said...

for some reason the server is down for this's been working for other files, but not this one. can you maybe reup the text file again?

HowwL said...

musta been a server glitch... its up

Anonymous said...

haven troulbe with the password.
cheers, unpacks to about the 31.rar and error sayin wrong password.

Unknown said...

need to re-download where it stopped...file did not completly download... I had about 10 do it... just overwrite 31 and 32 then try again ... keep track where it stops so you don't re-download more than you need... but it's well woth the time ... very good series no matter which program you use...

Anonymous said...

What a HUGE MESS! 2 days of downloading and every rar has CRC problems... I made the idiotic mistake of not checking them as I was receiving them. All my other RARs expand ok. Even other files from this site. I lately updated to winrar 3.8 so I could "unzip" a .7z extension file. Anybody using 3.8 successfully with this set? I don't even know where to start again

HowwL said...

I used 3.7 to unrar it..

make sure rars are

make sure you use correct pass..

if a a problem with a rar redown load it..

this should not have a problem..
down loaded 200 times +/-

last resort.. see if winrar can repair..

Anonymous said...

Got the huge mess to work finally. It was some bad downloads. I used a .sfv checker to check the rar files against what the .sfv files showed. the utility told me exactly which rars were bad so I re downloaded them and presto... working now! the utility is called SuperNZB. great tool for these really big downloads. (That is, if the download group has a .sfz file along with all the rars. Thanks

Anonymous said...

There was no problem with the downloaded rar files, and they created an iso image. However, when the iso is burned and run, on my machine at least, I get error messages about various files being missing in the extras folder. The solution appears to be simply to extract the files from the iso using e.g. Isobuster, and burn the extracted files to a DVD rom.