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Sunday, 23 November 2008

Scarbee Imperial Drums

Scarbee Imperial Drums DVD1
As with all SCARBEE products, each sound in S.I.D. has been sampled and mapped to an exceptionally high standard. A single key might feature over 420 bass drum samples in 75 velocity layers; one of the snare drums gives the user access to over 2200 snare hits in over 130 velocity layers through an intuitive combination of one key and the modulation wheel; and there are over 3,000 samples- totalling almost 2 gigabytes of data - dedicated to the 14รถ Hi Hat alone! This means more articulations to choose from and virtually seamless transitions through all degrees of playing force from the lightest to the most aggressive pounding.
This abundance of velocity layers also means that sample users can finally say 'good riddance' to that bane of all drum programing 'the machine gun effect' the artefact which makes repeated hits of the same drum sound like a sampler rather than a live drummer playing. Ultimately, these features lead to one important breakthrough: S.I.D. has feel. These drums respond like a real, wildly dynamic acoustic drum kit. Add this real feel to the fact that you have wide ranging control over your drum mix, and you arrive at the ultimate sampled drumming experience: S.I.D.




Goldy said...
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Goldy said...
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ToeSucker said...

Are there going to me DVD2 and DVD3? said...

is it possible to up the remaining dvds ?
since for non-halion users, theres only a couple of cowbells, claps and toms on there...

Howwwl said...

only have dsk 1 atm... would like the rest..

Anonymous said...

hello dear friends, i count on you so you won't forget to check the availiability of this marvelous plugin when it will be released...

thanks for your help in providing this great stuff!!


Anonymous said...

thx for this add, please behold the scarbee black bass, it would be very nice when it add.

Anonymous said...

this is useless without the DVD2 & DVD3, when opening with Halion it says 6520 samples missing! then it take forever to find the missing samples...really hoping someone could upload this

Anonymous said...

Upload DVD-2 and DVD-3 PLEEEAAASE!!! I've just wasted about 2 hours downloading and installing this to find out 2 thirds of this sample pack is missing! : (