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Thursday, 6 November 2008


RML Labs SawStudio v4.4 AiR
SAW is the acronym for Software Audio Workshop. SAWStudio combines both high-tech virtual mixing and hard disk editing technologies into one power-packed application. The look and feel of a fully controllable console, coupled with an all new high powered 24-bit hard disk engine make this product one of the most intelligent choices for the serious audio professional.
The SAWStudio interface is a tightly woven mesh of a fully developed mixing console interface and a newly designed MultiTrack recording/editing interface. This design is truly aimed at emulating the look and feel of working in a typical hardware based studio environment, replacing the physical mixing console, MultiTrack recorder and outboard rack-effects gear all at the same time.
This product represents a revolutionary new approach to mixing and editing audio in a virtual environment, truly replacing hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of physical gear needed to perform the same functions.
SAWStudio offers incredible versatility, amazing speed, and best of all, an environment which inspires your freedom of creative expression. Audio professionals in every niche of the audio industry, including full-length motion picture sound design, music production, theater automation, high-end radio & TV broadcast production, and audio production for video and arcade game development presently use SAWStudio technology.
SAWStudioLite and SAWStudioBasic are based on the SAWStudio design, but each with a trimmed-down interface requiring less CPU power and less memory - for those who don't need all of the functionality of SAWStudio but want to take advantage of SAWStudio's blazing fast editing interface! Now you can decide what you need, and choose between the full SAWStudio program, the Lite version, or the Basic version!



Anonymous said...

Hi thanx for the good work.However SawStudio rar file is somehow corrupted.Is the anyway it can be checked?Thanx in advance

Armz..... said...

anyone got this to work by chance??

Howwwl said...

some thing wrong with the installer..

Ill fix and re-up...

Howwwl said...

just run setup ...done


Howwwl said...

the manual...I forgot to put it in..

MusicGirl said...

Hi: yes... all better... now for the learning curve :)
Many thanks to you :)

Armz said...

talk about learning curve, why am I missing the mark on getting vst's to work? Any suggestions would be appreciated

Armz said...

OK, figured it out on my end...
middle of this thread

basic idea go to the tread and scroll if it doesn't make sense.....
Free method is to download the FX32 Linker from
and then install this.

Then download the SAWPro VST Linker from
and place the extracted dll file into the FX32 folder that has been created in your Native_Plugins folder

Open SAWStudio - choose the FX32 Linker from your FX choices - and add it to the track you wish to use . The FX32 Linker gui will display all the FX32 (aka SAWPro/32/Plus32) FX choices that you have installed in its folder. Click on the VST Linker choice and it will launch the SAWPro VST Linker

HevyArmz said...

can the manual get a re up or the whole deal? I am trying to get this on my new computer and all of the sudden things are not working, even after trying to redownload it.I get an error of missing a file.