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Thursday, 6 November 2008

Audio Console

RML Labs Software Audio Console v1.2 AiRLive Virtual Mixing has arrived. Now you can do Front Of House and 24 Monitor mixes all on your Windows PC. The Software Audio Console (SAC) opens new frontiers for the live sound industry.
Leave the large mixing consoles in the warehouse. You can now replace the FOH and 24 large scale monitor mixing consoles with a computer and have the highest quality audio and the most versatility and mixing options you could ever dream of.
Imagine having a separate monitor console for each of 24 stereo monitor mixes back to performers. No more fiddling with aux sends or matrix controls. Separate high quality mastering Eq, keying gates and compressors, separate aux sends for separate verbs on each channel of each monitor mix. It's a brand new world at your mixing fingertips.
No expensive Mic splitters are needed to split the signal 25 ways. The digital split is internal and provides an exact zero noise copy of the 72 inputs to all 25 consoles. And there are 5 tap points to select from for each Input channel, and 2 tap points from each Return channel.
All 25 consoles are 72 input, 24 stereo output consoles with built-in attenuator, phase reverse, swap LR, mono, high quality mastering 5 band para-graphic Eqs with Hi and Lo cut filters, keying gates and compressors with a bandpass filter, 6 stereo aux sendswith pan, pre and post FX patches, full 8 point surround XY panners plus a separate center and sub send, 24 stereo out assigns, mute, solo and long throw faders with -60db high resolution meters on each input channel.
Any input channel may be assigned to any or all output channels at the same time. 8 Master Output channels may be routed to any hardware output device while the remaining 16 Output channels can be used as subgroup, VCA type Faders, folding back to any of the 8 Master Faders. The Aux Sends may be internally routed as virtual or patched out to any device output, and returned from any device input, in sync, direct into the FOH mix, through 6 independent Return channels, each with complete FX patching capabilities and their own Hi Resolution Meters.


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