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Wednesday, 5 November 2008


a request



Robert said...

Looks cool. I can't get the Keygen to work though. Here's the error I get when I try to run the file: "Windows cannot access the specified device, path or file. You may not have the appropriate permissions to access the item."

Any ideas?

Howwwl said...

run as admin... make sure your anti virus didnt eat it..

its a good working ..clean keygen..

dharmabum29 said...

Even though I'm on a Mac, I still gotta thank ya, Howwwl, for getting on my request so quickly. Very cool. I actually had found ONE Mac version ages ago, but like seemingly all Amplitube Hendrix downloads, the keygen was in a Windows format (.exe), despite the fact that the program was for Mac OS. Luckily, I finally stopped wasting my time with stuff like Crossover and figured out how to use Darwine/X11. 'Course it took me another 6 months until I rediscovered the Mac version again last week...thanks again...great site!

P.S. - more Mac stuff please!?!?

Anonymous said...

FYI teambeat makes a universal keygen that works in almost ALL of IK Multimedia's products and is only 444Kb simply download whatever demos you want direct from IK's site and then use the keygen to authorize any and all of them into full versions.however on the sampletank,etc....samplers you will not get the full libraries,only those they have for demo.if anyone request's i will post this keygen on rapidshare

Robert said...

That would be awesome! Please post. I can't get this to work witout the serial #

Jeremy said...

roberts error message is the same one I get, Avg say's it has a trojan, so I tell Avg to ignore the threat because I know keygens sometimes are read as trojans by Avg, then it gives the error message robert gets, so I right click the keygen, and select run as administrator, but the same error message comes up.

gnome said...

The key gen in the TrackS file is the one that worked with this for me. I am running vista, which may be why the one in this file didn't work.