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Tuesday, 28 October 2008

Sony ACID Music Studio 7

Sony ACID Music Studio 7 - over 3,000 ACIDized loops
Sony ACID Music Studio 7
ACID Music Studio software is the best way to bring your music to life. Everyone can be a music artist! Multitrack audio and MIDI recording, pro-level editing tools, studio-quality effects, and over 3,000 ACIDized loops to use in remixes, mash-ups, and original music. Show Me How interactive tutorials provide fast, easy help from within the application.
It's Time to Start Making YOUR MusicIf you're serious about making your own music, ACID Music Studio software is the perfect tool for original song creation, multitrack audio and MIDI recording, and studio-quality mixing, and effects processing. Share your songs any way you want — burn your own CDs, upload to the web, prepare audio for podcasts, or export to your MP3 player.
Easy Live RecordingRecord vocals, guitars, keyboards, and other instruments with ACID Music Studio software. It's easy — simply plug your microphone or instrument into your PC sound card and click Record to capture audio and MIDI.

Powerful Mixing3,000 ACIDized music loops, 1,000 MIDI files, built-in effects, and other tools. You can also import your own songs and MP3 files for beat-matching and mixing.
Share AnywhereBurn your own music CDs, save the songs you create to popular formats for uploading to websites such as, prepare audio for podcasts, or convert songs to MP3 format for playback on your portable music player.
Easy to Use and LearnEven if you've never written a song or played an instrument, you can use ACID® Music Studio software to create original music, produce DJ-style remixes, add soundtracks to videos, and burn professional-quality CDs.
Powerful Mixing and Effects ProcessingProfessional mixing tools give you precise control over volume and panning, effects processing, audio routing, and final output. Customize your songs using professional-quality audio effects including EQ, reverb, delay, chorus, flange, phase, distortion, echo, and more. Use VST and DirectX audio effects, and VST instruments. Add pan and volume envelopes, reverse audio, and change the pitch and tempo of your mix in real time.
Record and Edit MIDIUse ACID Music Studio Software for complete MIDI editing and sequencing. Record and edit MIDI note and controller data on the timeline, and assign to any MIDI instrument. ACID Music Studio software supports VSTi and includes over 1,000 MIDI files and 90 instruments for song creation.
Share Your Music AnywhereCreate your own CDs in minutes. Disc-at-once CD layout and burning is fully integrated into the software so you can conveniently create your music and produce professional-sounding CDs all within one application. Powerful encoding functionality lets you save your songs to popular streaming formats for uploading to the web, or export them to portable music devices



Anonymous said...

Thanks, but I keep getting a message saying an error has occurred when patching

oxilixo said...

...leider wieder ein AIR-Release..

sind ja generell gute Sachen, nur verursachen alle AIR-Sachen bei mir ausschliesslich die Fehlermeldung 'Zugriff verweigert' und 'Access violation blabla'
...gleich nach dem Klick auf die setup.exe

Wenn noch jmd dieses Prob kennt und eine Lösung weiss ... bitte postet sie oder mailt sie mir.


Howwwl said...


1) Install the included exe
2) Open keygen, select ‘Acid Music Studio’ from the list, browse to the install location and click ‘Patch’
3) Open up Acid Music Studio
4) Use the serial and activation code from the keygen when required

su7a7s said...

oxilio, our german friend above, says he has problems with some air releases and gets a fatal error message instantly upon clicking a setup.exe, he wants to know if anyone has any ideas?

@oxilio: passiert das bei alle AIR sachen so immer?

iND said...

+++this is help for oxilixo***

Hey wenn du vista hast musst du das setup wie folgt ausführen

alles entpacken.
dann setup.exe datei rechtsklick als Administrator ausführen. dann geht es!
und wenn immer noch nicht ist deine registry im arsch und das wars dann!
da kannst du dein windows neu installieren. dann geht es in jedem fall!
gruss der admin vom

wenn du noch fragen
da wird die geholfen. musst dich blos anmelden.

Charles Hendrick IV said...

if u have trouble patching try running keygen as administrator. i believe that is what vista users need to do. i had trouble patching it and i remembered that step from installing my last Acid program. It works fine in my Vista. Thanx again AudioPirate u have given me tools that inspire.

Anonymous said...

hi oxi,geh mal auf die seite von sonycreative und lade dir mal im bereich 'updates'(und nur da!)das gewünschte programm deiner wahl..dann lad dir den sony keygenerator ( ) patche mit dem keygen den installationsordner und und mach im anschluss deine fakeregistrierung..fertig! mach ich schon seit jahren allen produkten von sony :oD

Anonymous said...

I'm having trouble patching

Anonymous said...

Is this music studio the same as acid pro 7?

Anonymous said...

none of the solutions ive found on the web worked!!!, admin option/ didnt work, keygen option/ didnt work, any more???