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Saturday, 18 October 2008

PSP Audioware Stereo Pack

PSP Audioware Stereo Pack v1.9.0 AU RTAS VST UB OSX

PSP StereoPack is collection of 4 plug-ins (VST, DirectX and RTAS format for Windows; AudioUnit, VST and RTAS for Mac OSX and VST and MAS for OS 9). The set consists of: PSP PseudoStereo, PSP StereoEnhancer, PSP StereoController, PSP StereoAnalyser. These plug-ins are applied for creating, expanding, improving, controlling and analysing the image and quality of the stereo signal in single tracks or mixes thereof.

mac only

Link: dead see comments



Anonymous said...

PW insde the archive is wrong

Anonymous said...

PW in Archive is wrong

Anonymous said...

pass doesn't work (in the paspmac.rar file)

Anonymous said...

PW is missin

Anonymous said...

archive corrupt.
wrong password.

Anonymous said...

error pass!!

Howwwl said...

not for the life of me do I know what went wrong with pass..

so heres a new link
no pass

Anonymous said...

the keygen doesn't work on my mac. (Mac OS X 10.5.5, intel). Can you post an authorization name and a working key?

samim said...

the keygen won´t work under OSX. Whats the issue with this release?

Howwwl said...

tips for mac users..

keygen ofton are pc only ..even for mac stuff

follow the link and read..there are programs that let you run exe. on macs..
I dont have a mac so I can only help a little..

any mac users want to help this chap?

Bill said...

from one mac user to another:

most cracks are PC .exe files. You CAN run these on a mac without installing Windows through Parallels.

The mac app "Crossover" will allow you to do this.

You will need to have X11 installed on your system for this to work (this is not installed by default, but comes with every osx install disc).

Crossover can be found on most torrent sites.

After installing X11 from the Apple startup discs, then installing a cracked Crossover, you should be able to run most PC key gen cracks.

If not, torrent yourself a copy of Parallels and Windows XP.

Happy surfing

Bill said...

Mac Users:

The keygen app included with this release is not an EXE file, it's a mac file that simply doesn't work. Here is the correct auth codes:

#: 2438253354

(I used a previous NEMESiS PSP keygen for this, and it works)

What I said about crossover and X11 still applies in other circumstances though...

alex said...

my bad just saw "mac only"