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Wednesday, 8 October 2008



The legendary sound of the Yamaha C7 Grand Piano captured by Sonic Reality in EXS24, HALion, Kontakt, MachFive and Reason formats. Experience the rich deep tone of this amazing multi-sampled acoustic grand piano with dynamically sampled notes and long durations for each key. For low notes that rumble, a warm, punchy mid- section and top notes that sparkle and cut through, Premium Grand Piano is the ultimate source for a piano with a great sound that plays like the real thing—an ideal match for our Keystation Pro 88 and Keystation 88es controllers.


MR.216 said...


mexpress said...

i cant unzip part 3 and 4! help please

Anonymous said...

Amazing rich and fat sound! sounds like the best hardware synths pianos
100% working :-)

Anonymous said...

I downloaded, but not working in Reason, any help on that ? Pls

Thanks for your efforts.

Anonymous said...

Very nice! this sounds fantastic!

Cheers again and again

big G

robert said...

a little help with the process? I downloaded the files. Extracted. Now I have a bunch of files none of which are dll or exe. I think I need to burn the bin files to cd. Then copy those files back to the original folder. Is that accurate?

Howwwl said...

if bin file.. burn to cd..

Ive not used this...but I may have to give it a listen... judging by the above comments

read the info file..


any one that has installed this can maybe help more ?

Anonymous said...

plz anybody can help me out...after clicking the link given am not able to see download option...plzz tell me how to download.. :(

Howwwl said...

click... Request Download Ticket
then click download

unrar.. read text


Minimalist said...

thanks much MR.216 , i needed a single link, becausei dont have much time to finish this track. long story. much appreciated!

Anonymous said...

thanx for the single link!

jonathan said...

This is a pretty good sample.
Definitely worth getting this one

fits in perfectly with my other piano library for reason

Can also be read by Structure

This site ROCKS