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Tuesday, 30 September 2008

V-Minion and Green_Machine_Amp_II

Clearly arrangend user interface
Preamp model: american and british style
Amp model: Tube 50, Tube100 and SolidState
3 different Tone Stacks.
5 Band graphic Eq with changeable range, bandwidth and output level
3 Band parametric post Eq
Speaker simulation: open/closed cabinet, backward reflection.Speaker simulation mix control
Wah wah, Delay, Chorus, Reverb, Rotary/Vibrato effect.
5 different VU Meter to check the most important values inside
Midi control for most functions.
Input source selector:Guitar, Bass and Bypass e.g. for synth’s or vocals.

brought to you by saf
advanced tempo-based filter/delay multi-effect.
brought to you by saf


Anonymous said...

What's the password for the green machine

Howwwl said...

Raidio said...

I hear ya (bkk) Brian
And I understand your point..
You of course should do what you believe.
But like every thing you should also know that others will may have a differant point of view
one that may be hard to even phathom.

I appreciate you concerns but this is not the proper forum for debates.

I will leave your link here... and perhaps some may go read and change their view and you will have done ytour part.

As For
"found" the material, or uploaded it yourself (which yeah, I'm sure you NEVER did)"

This shows you know not your ass from a hole...
When you do speak.. and I think in the proper place every one should have the right.
Know what you are talking about or say nothing.

link to a survey on why you should not use warez

Best regards to you Brian but this cant be the site for you. We dont even own a soap box.