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Sunday, 7 September 2008


Sugar Bundle

Effectrix. The Effect Sequencer. Create grooving sound mutations and unheard breakbeats with this innovative tool!

Artillery2. The Effect Keyboard. MIDI controlled Multi FX with a lot of algorithms and super versatile modulation. The number one performance effect.
Unique. The special synth with that supermighty sound. Includes juicy vowel filtering, crazy modulation possibilities, two multi effects and a lot of new thinking.

WOW. The talking Filterbox. 10 innovative first class sounding filters, with VOWEL MODE and versatile modulation system.

Vogue. The ultimate Channel Strip. Gives your records the touch of expensive hardware devices, signals appear shiny and with more presence immediately and receive the final polish from first class virtual analog processors like Gate, Preamp, Overdrive, Compressor, Dynamic EQ, Multimode Filter, Delay and Reverb.

Robotronic. The Super Vocoder. Crispy Sound, easy to handle and packed with features like Channel Strips, Sampler, Synthesizer, Eq, Compressor and Multieffect.

bundle mac only Effectrix pc and mac



Anonymous said...

serial of unique mac version is invalid!!!! change please

Ellaguru said...

thanx for your efforts!

Anonymous said...

works great, awesome programs!

NOTE: the serial for Unique does NOT work, everything else does.

check out the sound bytes website for quick video tutorials of these nifty plugs.

thanks for the Mac software! we want more!!

gstyle11 said...

does anybody has the serial for unique 1.0.3?

Anonymous said...

Has anyone a serial for unique please?Thanx anyway!

Anonymous said...

link dont work...
is there an alternate link???

Anonymous said...

"file not found" seems to be the error message of the day.

Anonymous said...

Unique 1.03 serial :25027944

Conner Jones said...

file not found!!!

please re-upload :)

Anonymous said...

file not found

Anonymous said...

got this from another site. try it and see if it works.
Working serial for Unique 1.03 : 25027944

Anonymous said...

that serial worked for me thanks!

Anonymous said...

Best plug-in bundle I have ever seen!!!

You guys are GODS!!!

Keep the Mac software coming!!

Reverend Bonesaw said...


Anonymous said...

Nice Bundle. Thx

Anonymous said...

be careful with the Unique serial posted here. It's buggy used w/ Live. Gives errors, doesn't allow to save, etc.

Disco D said...


please let us know when the PC version is up on here!