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Thursday, 11 September 2008


Quad is an open-architecture DVS (Digital Vinyl System) that can be used to play & scratch up to 4 MP3s simultaneously, controlled by 1 to 4 turntables. The turntables can be connected to any soundcard (ASIO driver required on PC); thanks to Quad's internal software Phono preamps it is even possible to connect the turntables to Line Inputs on the soundcard.

this sounds wicked!

Mac only




Anonymous said...

is the passwort inside the rarfile correct? can't upzip it

Anonymous said...

I tried to extract it with the UnRarx and the RAR expander but it couldn't work. I am sure that I used the correct password. Is something wrong with the file?

SU7A7S said...

do you need the official timecoded vinyls to work this though? or will another type work? does anyone know if they can be purchased independantly of the software?

I don't even have a mac, just thought I'd ask the questions for those who do... :p

Anonymous said...

the second pass isn't good

skrollan said...

password not working?

Raidio said...


extra bit snuck in on the pass

Raidio said...

not sure but think any timecoded vinyls will work...

Anonymous said...

PC Version? Please> :)

Ob1 said...

Thanks for the up, but the pass word is a no go. CAn ya shed some light!? :)

Howwwl said...

correct ob1 read 3 comment up from yours...

Its aways a good idea to read the comments..
ofton good info there


Anonymous said...

sorry, this pass is also not working.


or i don´t understand.

Howwwl said...

yes that pass works..pass to text file

normal pass

pass to actual rar's

as sure as the sun will rise tomorrow