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Sunday, 21 September 2008

Pianoteq 2.3 (+ add ons & presets)

Pianoteq is issued from an academic research and results in what we call the fourth piano generation. This is the very first, and only, piano available that belongs to this generation.

First generation: acoustic piano (1698)
Second generation: electro acoustic piano (1929)
Third generation: sampled piano (1984)
Fourth generation: modelled piano (2006)

The first generation of pianos began with Cristofori's pianoforte in 1698 which came to maturity at the end of the 19th century with the acoustic grand pianos. It was followed in the 20th century by the second generation electro-acoustic pianos and the third generation sampled pianos where each note is a recording of how it sounded during a specific moment in time, not taking into account the complexity of the instrument.

Pianoteq is the first and only piano belonging to the fourth generation, developed in order to go beyond the limitations of the third generation and to become a versatile and innovating tool. It is in fact the first virtual piano factory — it can produce new brands as well as copies of historical instruments.

Pianoteq 2.3 (+ add ons & presets)


Anonymous said...

Is this the mac version (if so, it does not say anywhere)...The screen shot is of the mac version?

Potajito said...

Omg this is great, i never thought we would see this program here.Thanks

Howwwl said...

for pc

Anonymous said...

is the password not the usual? it's not working this time.

Cutty said...

Thanks a lot for the release, the pianos sound stunningly real!

Keisen said...

I got a problem here, when I want to complete the activation , the screen shows me invalid key file.....I think the serial number or the key file can get no more access, and the company discovered the wrong key....please help me I really like this VSTi

Anonymous said...

Thank you very much, great release

Anonymous said...

Next time don't put a screenshot from the Mac version and upload only PC version... ;)

Howwwl said...

"Next time don't put a screenshot from the Mac version and upload only PC version"

or what? lol

its expected that you read.. not just look at the pictures..:)

Howwwl said...
for pc
21 September 2008 21:20

Anonymous said...

ERROR in ACTIVATION seems like the serial is invalid CAN YOU HELP ME?

Anonymous said...

ERROR in ACTIVATION wrong serial help please

topper said...

you have to copy whats under key:
not under serial
(about 6 or 7 lines of text)

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

AMAZING!, I'm strict about piano sounds and always loved Piano Grand 2, this blows that one away!!! - EL BARRIO NEW YORK CITY

Anonymous said...

SERIAL VALID! - it's a 2-STEP process with the second serial a very large one...make sure you select every character in the second serial, otherwise it will not work. - 2012 END OF MANKIND

lllewelll said...

Thanks for this!
I simply can't find "Pianoteq23-FIX.rar" This might be why some people r having trouble running it. I can get to the key entry point and it thanks me for entering it. But it won't activate.

When you say extract/overwrite/replace "Pianoteq22.dll" - do you mean get rid of that file, and put Pianoteq23 in its place?

Anonymous said...

This is the most stunning piano emulation I've ever encountered. It's also the best example of physical modelling I've heard since the technology went mainstream back in the early nineties.

This is definitely worth getting guys.

Anonymous said...

Great sound. Serial and key works fine. Just follow the instructions in the README.TXT

Running fine on XP pro sp3, just the bug with runtime error on opening the app.