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Monday, 29 September 2008


Wider Boy Pro
The original and unique stereo widening utility from Elevayta. Hailed as one of the best stereo widening tools available today. Works equally well on stereo or mono material. Unique MIDI control options. Use it as an insert or mastering.

Clone Boy
Another first from Elevayta. Using innovative communicating plug-in technology, two instances of Clone Boy communicate audio properties from one track to another in real-time. Realize audio cross synthesis and stereo vocoding in the simplest way possible.

FreEq Boy
Deceptively powerful, ludicrously inexpensive. FreEq Boy enables you to capture and merge, or simply hand draw, your own EQ curves, in stereo and in real-time. There is no other EQ like this! FreEq Boy even imports EQ curves from ASCII files!

Space Boy
The original and the best! The renowned Space Boy utilizes proprietary RASP technology to bring fully automatic adaptive EQ to the realm of digital audio music production. One of the most innovative plug-ins ever produced. Critically acclaimed

Choir Boy
Create 3 additional stereo voices from a single audio track, in real-time and under MIDI control. Choir Boy provides high quality polyphonic pitch shifting with formant preservation. Use it on instrumental or vocal material. The only pitch shifter you will need.

Convo Boy
High quality convolution based audio processing has never been this easy, this powerful and this inexpensive. Convo Boy enables you to load, manipulate and SAVE your customized impulse response files. Unique capabilities compared to any other convolution effect.

Stream Boy
Stream audio data, in real-time, from a track, or tracks, within one or multiple host applications to a track, or tracks, within another host application. Access any, and all, the effects from all of your audio processing tools within your favourite host application - wow!

no pass .. be sure to thank saf


Anonymous said...

too cool! Thx saf!

Anonymous said...

this are trial demo kind of stuff. how can i get a crack to use it further?

Anonymous said...

these are limited demo versions? I installed space boy, but some functionality is disabled and the demo counter is counting down the days to expiration...14,13,12...

Saff said...

really? shit um I'll get back to you shortly...

Saff said...

alrighty! just put in any serial and activate, they are pre-crkd.

Enjoy :)

nick cent said...

Big up Saf! Best plug-ins I've ever used. And very good to know these are pre-cracked cause I also thought I had the demo versions! Bravo saf!

rappy said...

any crack for this plugin?