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Saturday, 23 August 2008

Ultimate Vocoders Pack

- AKAI DC Vocoder
- Alien Solo vocoder
- CM Vocoder
- Cyclonix 18 channel Vocoder
- klanglabs Vokko Stereo Vocoder
- MDA Vocoder
- Opcode Fusion Vocode
- Prosoniq Orange Vocoder
- rgcAudio Pentagon
- Sonicism Vintage Vocoder
- Starplugs Vocoder
- Sugar Bytes Robotronics
- Volcov Vocoder
- Waldorf D-Coder

Ultimate Vocoders Pack


Anonymous said...

I love that picture! Reminds me of a Halloween costume I made one year :)

Anonymous said...

do you have the akai professional dc coder crack?

it wasn't included in the download


Anonymous said...

Thanks :)

Anonymous said...

plese re up

Anonymous said...

link does not work. please re up. thanks!

Raidio said...


Anonymous said...

any work on mac?

Anonymous said...

I extracted part one and part two, the pop up read a bunch of errors, but all the folders were included. I opened up the folder in Live and all that was available from all the vocoders was the "Volcov Vocoder"

What is wrong?

Raidio said...

select both rars at the same time...rt click...choose extract to
ultimate_voc_pack...enter pass


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the tip Raidio but only two more worked...also one made Live crash every time I opened it

Raidio said...

a bad down load?...using win rar...I do not have a problem..

dont know

Jesse said...

this is for windows or mac?

Anonymous said...

Audio Pirate has saved my musical life for solong now and i have never left a comment.

Lord audio pirate please forgive me. I bow in your presence sir

Hey Harry, pass me Lord Pirate's Crown and cape! Wev'e gotta get him dressed for the ball.

Anonymous said...

I know this is old post but can someone re-up this in filesonic or rapidshare?

Thanks in advance!