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Friday, 29 August 2008

Steinberg Virtual Guitarist Electric Edition

Steinberg Virtual Guitarist Electric Edition
Virtual Guitarist Electric Edition is the perfect rhythm guitarist for anyone needing electric guitar tracks. This VST instrument is based on real recordings, yet is as flexible as a synthesizer. Featuring 29 different players from the 50s to the present day, Virtual Guitarist Electric Edition oozes authentic sound character whilst offering unrivalled playability and outstanding tempo flexibility. Also included is a fully featured multi-effect board, useable both as a separate plug-in that you can use on any audio signal or integrated in the VSTi.



EditedSound said...

It appears that the text file on this is for the Liquid Electric Bass. Can you please attach the correct text file. Also, GREAT JOB with this site. You guys ROCK!!!

Anonymous said...

The DL link point to "electric bass", maybe this is an mistake.

Anonymous said...

Link is the same as for Liquid Electric Bass !

Anonymous said...

same link as the liquid electric bass. Is this correct?

Anonymous said...

Hey, I think the link was fudged with the one before it... this one goes to the wrong file!

Thanks for all your work, I love this site!

Anonymous said...

links appear to ne same as liquid bass ????

Anonymous said...

the link is the same for ueberschall's electric bass please can you re up virtual guitarist links

dzb said...

This looks great! The link posted refers to the Liquid Electric bass though, not the Virtual Guitarist.


Anonymous said...

This is liquid electric bass wheres that big steinbergie you shouldve posted

Anonymous said...

these are the same files as the liquid electric bass.

howwwL said...

corrected the link..

can thank magsey for this..(yup alive and well)

Anonymous said...

thank You!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

This file is suspected to contain illegal content and has been blocked.....For this reason, a download of this file is currently not possible.

have cd1-2.

re-up cd 3


Anonymous said...

Looks like rapidshare have noticed this is an illegal file. Download link does not work :(

Anonymous said...

re-up plz

Anonymous said...

Pretty please re-up!

Guitar said...

Virtual Guitarrist 2: