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Saturday, 23 August 2008

NI Battery 3 - Artist Kits Vol 1 & 2


Native Instruments released a free library add-on with three artist drum kits for the acclaimed percussion sampler BATTERY 3. The new kits were designed by NI endorsees Gorillaz, Einstuerzende Neubauten, and Turntablerocker, and are based on exclusive custom sounds from these artists' own productions.


The kits have been exclusively produced by Dobie, Johnny Fiasco, Pete Davis, Marcus Rossknecht and Santiago & Bushido, and cover hip hop, vinyl, 80's drum machines, analog and Absynth kits - so there is something for everyone.

NI Battery 3 - Artist Kits Vol 1 & 2


Anonymous said...

can somebody help i have installed these packs and when i try to run then it tell me that they were created for a newer version of kontact please upgrade to load the patch? I have battery version 3 1.0is there an update patch out there?

Anonymous said...

Upgrade your version of Kontakt since it runs of the Kontakt engine.

Raidio said...

I would think that they would work in mac if you have battery for mac..

Anonymous said...

Im having the same problem it tells me it was created for a newer verseion of kontact. Im also looking for a patch or something to get these kits going Thanks alot for everything audio pirate.

Anonymous said...

the links doesnot work...

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

does anyone know where I can get battery 3 samples, I have battery but no samples.

Anonymous said...


Thanks for the kits!!
Now I need Battery 3...
The post doesn't contain the proggy but only drum kits.

Can anyone upload Battery 3 somewhere and share the link?


Anonymous said...

Hi! Is this working with Mac? I just get the exe file on the first rar file.. Meaby this is pc only? I don't use any booting program only Mac OsX

Anonymous said...

same trouble with the exe file for mac