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Saturday, 2 August 2008

Because We Love You

AVG.. Avast... and many other anti vir will pick up your keygens...cracks as trojans... you will find that it is seldom the case.. these are false is makeing a guess due to simular binary signatures...
Still one can never be to careful..We want you to be safe (because we love you) and as secure as possible Audio Pirate says at the top of the page.. we dont/cant use all this stuff...but most is scaned as I most ofton "test" any links.
So here is some good advise and a gift..

advise ...go get can test software...or run KG's safely ..if you dont like the software..delete the sandbox..its like it was never there..

even this can give false positives..but its a much better second opinion
if in doubt...delete


Gravity Trash said...

how do you run the kg's in this sandboxie shit? AVG still pwnz the kg and won't allow it.. DOH

howwwL said...

"how do you run the kg's in this sandboxie shit?"

sandboxie works very well...if you dont like it tho..delete was free no?

h said...

How about temporarily disabling the AV? Sandboxie works very well for me and was one of the best recommendations lately. The other was Thinstall / Thinapp. Also a great virtualization tool which can be used to create portable versions of virtually any software (hint, hint). Thanks again.

howwwL said...

trojan remover 27/07/2008

1. Unpack & Install.
2. Copy/overwrite all files into TR directory.
3. If you are under Vista, execute vista_inst.bat otherwise, delete


howwwL said...


install trojan remover

unrar ...Trojan.Remover.v6.7.1.READNFO_CRKEXE-FFF
and copy all that in the folder to
C:\Program Files\Trojan Remover

if it asks if you want to replace a file say yes..

and last look in
C:\Program Files\Trojan Remover
for the file vista_inst

if you have vista run it.. if you use xp..delete it..


hope this helps

Gravity Trash said...

ok, i have found an alternate way to run "blacklisted" kg's:

if you got AVG 8:

first create an empty folder anywhere on your system, remember where you created it.

open up AVG8:

1)click "Overview"
2)doubleclick "Resident Sheild"
3)click "manage exceptions"
4)click Add Path, select the empty folder you have created, click OK
5)place the .rar archive containing the blacklisted KG inside the empty folder you created.
6)extract the keygen.exe file from the rar archive
7)trust in
8)run the extracted keygen

SU7A7S said...

I've been whacking away on all the audio goodies i could get my hands on from here since last christmas, never had any probs.

Stupidly, I downloaded an app i didn't even need from Swagworld, called 'super internet tv'.
It's laced with some major malware, even though it's only 4 mb in size. Within seconds my entire desktop changed. I haven't lost any of my songs, but now everything google related is blocked, ie myspace, blogspot, google search etc. In short my machine is motherfucked by this shit. even the latest microsoft tools can't identify the problem.

Just had to get that off my chest!

howwwL said...


go here get spybot S&D...install update.. imunize...scan

install... update this.. scan

same install this scann

install update this
it removes nothing..but it will help in the future

and of course install trojan remover..

avast or avg free will choices for an anti- virus..

still a prob after that post here..maybe able to help some more..

SU7A7S said...


Nice one boss, i'll give those a shot, tried trojan remover today but still getting one or error messages from missing .dll files for windows on startup. Might try fixing the windows install without wiping my data if it looks possible?

I'll have a lash at what you said anyway and get back to you, cheers for the concern mate.

Howwwl said...

Advice from somone who's pc is a bot...