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Sunday, 10 August 2008

Audiffex InterFX Plugins Bundle

Audiffex InterFX Plugins Bundle VST v2.0.7.1 InterFX VST plugins are part of the Audiffex InTone Instruments Solutions

AP-2 AutoPanAT-2 Auto TunerAW-2 AutoWahBD-2 BPM DelayBL-2 Blues DriveCH-2 Bass ChorusCH-2 ChorusCL-2 Clean PreampCM-2 CompressorCP-2 Crunch PreampDT-2 Bass DistortionDT-2 DistortionEC-2 ExciterEG-2 Expander GateFL-2 Bass FlangerFL-2 FlangerGE-2 Bass Graphic EqualizerGE-2 Graphic EqualizerHG-2 HiGain PreampLC-2 Level ControlNG-2 Noise GateOD-2 Bass OverdriveOD-2 OverdriveOT-2 OctaverPA-2 Power AmpPE-2 Parametric EqualizerPH-2 Bass PhaserPH-2 PhaserPR-2 Bass PreampPW-2 Pedal WahRV-2 ReverbSP-2 Bass Speaker SimulatorSP-2 Speaker SimulatorTC-2 Bass Tone ControlTC-2 Tone ControlTR-2 Tremolo




Lord of the Strings said...

Wow, these are awesome effects! Thanks!!

KRUSHAL said...

Mac UB???

Robert said...

thanks AP!!

Lucas said...

hi there!

anyone could post "EZplayer pro"??

thanks in advance!

Gabby said...

Hey Ap!These Efx Want Wrap With The Vst To Rtas,Why?