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Sunday, 20 July 2008

Ilio - World Winds (NN-XT Refill)

pen your ears to a world of beauty and mystery.

Acclaimed UK composer and multi-instrumentalist Dirk Campbell has sampled every instrument in his extensive ethnic wind collection, bringing you the evocative sounds of many rarities like the Bansuri (Indian flute), Turkish and Persian Ney flutes, Kaval (Southeast European flute), African flute, Suling Slendro and Suling Pelog (Javanese flutes), Irish Penny Whistle, Irish Low Whistle, Fujara (Slovakian Contrabass Whistle), Japanese Shakuhachi, Andean Panpipes, Armenian Duduk, Indian Shenai, Egyptian Zummara, Turkish Zourna, Gaida Bagpipes (Greek and Bulgarian, three types), Irish Uilleann pipes (three types), Scots Highland pipes, Medieval Praetorius Bagpipes, Turkish Tulum, Arabian Mezoued, Cretan Askomandura, Czech Dudy, Nafir (Moroccan trumpet) and African Kudu Horn.

The flutes range from sweet and delicate to eerie, breathy and complex, evoking the beauty, stillness, depth and mystery of the natural world. In contrast, there are the wild, strange and stirring timbres of ethnic reed instruments, bagpipes and African horns. Dirk’s personal samples are supplemented by an Andean Panpipe player and a top Shakuhachi master.

The library’s strength lies in its articulations as well as straight notes. There are up and down bends, various types of grace notes, and authentic phrases and performances. These can be combined easily to provide a very realistic delivery, sounding just like a real player. To avoid tuning clashes, all samples are presented at concert pitch; alternatively, if you prefer to hear the instruments in their purest form, ‘raw’ programs have been supplied which demonstrate the native tuning, scales and ranges. There are also atmospheric programs which work well for pads and textures.

World Winds is a must-have for film, TV and media composers, World Music, Rock, Pop and contemporary Classical composers and performers, creative keyboardists and programmers, and anyone with an ear for great instrumental sounds!

Ilio - World Winds (NN-XT Refill)


Anonymous said...

any help to get the player?

Anonymous said...

any help for the player?

Audio Pirate said...

the player is built into reason

angur said...

hi just wanted to know how and where can i download the samples from. i am interested to download the world winds refill.thank you

Audio Pirate said...

try clicking the download link

Boomatic said...

keeps saying wrong using the one provided....any suggestions?

Dub said...

Greetings AP, tried to expand this file a few times and am I'm getting a message that the rar is corrupted. Any suggestions?

howwwL said...

it works..

try redownloading the corrupted file..I just un-rared mine probs...

Thanks A.P.

Buh said...

That's awesome!!

Thanks AudioPirate, you're my personal superhero XDXDXD

VJDavid said...

Why Don't you put any credit of me?? I put this on Magesy first, and now you steal it?


these are the original links

howwwL said...

steal it?..odd word to use at any place with warez links

Dont know where Audio Pirate got...

if from you..Thanks

and thanks to where you got it from..

your always welcome to use any thing you find here..

or even share here..


Audio Pirate said...

just to be clear, these are links that I have uploaded..... dont see how that is stealing

are you the person who converted them to nn-xt??

Anonymous said...

so these cant be used in fruity loops... is there any way to make that possible i was looking for wind instruments?

Anonymous said...

hi friend,how to use "Ilio - World Winds (NN-XT Refill.i am very much intrested to use this refill.what kind of software is required to use this winds.if that software you know then please let me know the links or name of the software.

Anonymous said...

are you sure this password is correct?I'm not able open it.please,help.

Howwwl said...


been the same for months

Anonymous said...

The finished, extracted file is 346MB which is smaller than the WinRar files combined. Is that right?

fatih said...

What The links password?
I was download but I can't openinig.

Howwwl said...

see pass 2 posts up

Anonymous said...

Maybe the pass is



Sag said...

is there any possibility to run this tool with fruity loops??? please answer me