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Friday, 13 June 2008

King Tubby's Meets Scientist - In A World Of Dub [1996]

King Tubby's Meets Scientist - In A World of Dub [1996]

Artist: King Tubby's Meets Scientist
Title: In A World of Dub
Source: CDDA
Recorded: 198x
Released: 1996
RipDate: 01-07-2008
Label: Burning Sounds
Genre: Reggae
Tracks: 14
Size: 68,9 MB
Ripper: HighLionsCrew2k7
Quality: VBRkbps44.1HzJoint-Stereo
Encoder: Lame 3.97
Grabber: EAC
Total Playtime: 53:59 min

Playlist :
Scientist - Ganga Dub (African Beat)
King Tubby's - Conversation Dub (My Conversation)
Scientist - Explosion Dub
King Tubby's - Explosion Dub (Give Me You Love)
Scientist - Tribute To The Reggae King Dub (Shank I Shenk)
King Tubby's - Badness Dub
Scientist - Doctor Dub (Old Broom)
King Tubby's - Feel Like Dubbing
Scientist - Coming Home In Dub (Come On Little Girl)
King Tubby's - Going Home In Dub (Rougher Yet)
Scientist - Problem Dub (Won't You Come Home Girl)
King Tubby's - Take It Easy Dub (Swing Easy)
Scientists - Fever Dub (Fever)
King Tubby's - Patient Dub (Freedom Blues)

Engineer: Barnabas & Soljie Hamilton & Scientist & Peter Chemist

MixingEngineer : King Tubby & Scientist

Producer: Jah Thomas

Channel One (Kingston, JA) & Dynamic Sounds (Kingston, JA) & King Tubby's (Kingston, JA) & Harry J (Kingston, JA)

King Tubby's Meets Scientist - In A World Of Dub [1996]

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