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Friday, 13 June 2008

Carlton Patterson & King Tubby - Black And White In Dub [2007]

Carlton Patterson & King Tubby - Black & White In Dub [2007]

A super heavyweight, twenty-one dub tribute to the almighty King Tubbys and the criminally under-released talent Carlton Patterson. Focussed entirely on Carlton Patterson's highly collectable Black & White imprint ands it dub output, this beautifully concieved release makes available some of the central Tubbys mixes of the seventies, and can boast fifteen tracks never before reissued on CD or LP. Patterson's production, when run through loud sound systems, plays back so beautifully to this day - a perfectly weighted, counterbalanced treat of rhythm and melody, with the futuristic developments of prime period moist dub, heavy in its attendant presence. Given his vocal and deejay hit records, its nearly inexplicable that Carlton Patterson isn't as well known as contemporary Tubbys collaborators like Bunny Lee, Niney, Yabby You, Glen Brown, Winston Riley ... Doubly surprising when you realise that the a sides to these dangerous dubs numbered the best vocalists and dj's of the period - Studio One veteran Larry Marshall, Horace Andy, Barrington Levy, Sugar Minott, Barry Brown, Trinity, Dillinger, I Roy, Eek-A-Mouse. Ansell Collins, Sly Dunbar and Lloyd Parkes formed the cornerstone of this ever vital band sound. Steve Barrow from Blood & Fire has put together an excellent collection, with great interviews, reminiscences and detail, which will go a long way to restoring Carlton Patterson's supreme single sides to their rightful position in any canon of great roots reggae music. Some of this reviewer's all time favourite dubs here - totally recommended. So, operator - jus' let off, seen?

Audio CD (7 May 2007)
Number of Discs: 1
Label: Hotpot
Cat No: HPCD1006
Format: VBR MP3
Tracks: 21

1. Psalms Of Dub
2. Drum And Bass
3. Locks Of Dub
4. Clash Of Steel
5. Watergate Rock
6. Zone Dub
7. Black Lash
8. Thunderball
9. Liberation Front/Bobby Kalphat
10. Sabotage
11. Disco Dub
12. Iron Gate Rock
13. Psalms Of Rock
14. King At The Controls
15. Weatherman Style
16. Page One
17. Page One (Long Version)
18. Doctorman Skank
19. Watchman Dub
20. Problem Skank
21. Ital Skank

Personnel: Bertram 'Ranchie' Mclean (guitar); Tommy McCook (saxophone); Bobby Ellis (trumpet); Gladstone Anderson (piano); Ansell Collins (organ); Errol 'Flabba' Holt, Lloyd Parkes, Robbie Shakespeare (bass instrument); Noel 'Skully' Simms, Uziah 'Sticky' Thompson (percussion).

Carlton Patterson & King Tubby - Black And White In Dub [2007]


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