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Wednesday, 30 April 2008

URS Plugins-AiR

URS Classic Console Strip Pro VST RTAS v1.0-AiR
Our Ultimate Multi-Console In the Box solution!
Create Hundreds of Custom Console Configurations
Here's your palette:

30 Selectable Input Stage Algorithms
60 Selectable Compressor/ Limiter starting points - Pre or Post EQ
5 Selectable EQ Algorithms for each Fully Sweepable Parametric band
Channel Filters - Pre or Post Compressor or Sidechainable
Powerful De-esser and Ducker and other included special effects
Interactive Signal Flow Display Section follows the signal path
Super DSP efficient URS Classic Console Strip version included

URS Classic Console Strip Pro VST RTAS v1.0-AiR

URS Everything EQ Bundle VST RTAS TDM v5.0-AIR
URS Max Bundle VST Only Repack v1.0-AiR

URS A series - 4 band Parametric EQ
URS N series - 5 band Parametric EQ
URS S series - 6 band Parametric EQ
URS A-MIX EQ - 7 band Parametric EQ
URS N-MIX EQ - 7 band Parametric EQ
URS S-MIX EQ - 7 band Parametric EQ
URS A10 series - 10 band Graphic EQ
URS N12 series - 12 band Graphic EQ
URS BLT EQ - 2 band Program EQ
URS FullTec - 5 band Program EQ
URS 1970 Compressor Limiter
URS 1970 Compressor
URS 1975 Compressor Limiter
URS 1975 Compressor
URS 1980 Compressor Limiter
URS 1980 Compressor
URS Strip

URS Everything EQ Bundle VST RTAS TDM v5.0-AIR

URS Max Bundle VST Only Repack v1.0-AiR

URS Presets For Protools (win & mac)

presets for: console strip pro, a series, a mix series, a10 series, n series, n mix series, n12 series, s series, s mix series, and fulltec.

on windows: place the tfx files in the dae plug in folder either in the digidesign/dae/plug in settings folder or the common files/digidesign/dae/plug in settings wherever the urs plugs are located. for mac basically the same

URS Presets For Protools


pdb said...
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Unknown said...

please read the text file

Unknown said...

Is this MAC UB????

Unknown said...

windows only im afraid :(

gerniee said...

I thought I found a goldmine, but it looks like the stuff I could REALLY use is "windows only." Oh well, not hating just wish it was some Mac love in the air!!

Anonymous said...


First of all cheers for the great work here AP!

Almost all links of megaupload are deleted [because they violate terms of use?] - can you please reupload on rapidshare?

Plus, guys, please donate, we are all happy with this blog:D

Anonymous said...

yeah us mac guys are in need of some love here... !

HowwL said...


HowwL said...

eq and max

max vst only only


Anonymous said...

Re up please

HowwL said...

links working

Anonymous said...

please re-up. I got it all but the strip pro. Thanks in advance!!

Anonymous said...

not working
any re upload would be great

Anonymous said...

can you re-up this the links are dead

URS Everything EQ Bundle VST RTAS TDM v5.0-AIR
URS Max Bundle VST Only Repack v1.0-AiR

Anonymous said...

re-up please

Anonymous said...

thnx 4 evrythng AudioPirate!
havng problm downloadng these URS..
R they still there?Please re-up if not...Thnx again!!

Anonymous said...

this link is down..please re-up.Thanks AudioPirate!!

Dr.S said...

mirror would be greatly appreciated, have had trouble finding this fellas... thx pirateS...


HowwL said...

urs stuff