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Wednesday, 30 April 2008

TPS Brass Section Module

Here is a VSTi that contains 24bit samples that will blow your ears out! The quality here is unmatched. Containing 32 HI QUALITY BRASS patches, TPS comes as a complete and non-HD-space-hogging VSTi that gives you all the sounds you need
to create a dynamic and realistic composition- including falls, stabs, quintets, "fat" sections, and legatos! All of this at 24 Bits(!)and it doesn't need your whole hard drive to store it's sounds & presets. Infact, some of the sounds are so lush and hi-quality you may feel as though you don't have to apply any EQ!

Note: Apparently this is banned freeware, i heard they had to stop distributing it because it uses samples from big name sample CD's and the graphics were ripped from an RCG:Audio synth

TPS Brass Section Module


Anonymous said...

Thanks for doing a great job. This is realy a good VST that I will be using in many projects. One more thing. Don't let those cunts with negative postings bother you. :)

Anonymous said...

Hey man, I really appreciate the vsti's you upload, and am just wondering if it's possible to get this reupped sometime in the future? It was apparently deleted. Anyway, would be much appreciated if that was possible as it sounds dope as fuck. Either way, thanks very much for all the uploads some of these synths are amazing.

Steve Gabr said...

Yea, this place is a scam..

Anonymous said...

Yo! Bro yu do da coolezt thang on tda net. dis stuf is sooo HOT and sooo cool. yo da dude man! yo da dude! hip coolentz bro!

Baby EMorphus