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Monday, 17 March 2008

Waves Diamond Bundle v5.2 H2O

----- VST/DirectX/RTAS/ Plugin: Waves Diamond Bundle v5.2. - TEAM H2O -----

The most complete line of audio processors ever offered. Includes the
renowned Gold and Masters processor bundles plus four Renaissance
processors for a total of 27 awesome tools.

A package including next packages: Waves Platinum, Restoration & Transform.

* 35 processors for total creativity and processing tour-de-force under one hood
* Tools for EVERY application: tracking, mixing, mastering, sound design, audio restoration, creative
* Choice of processing style: transparent, surgical, analog, vintage - every processing flavor you can wish for
* Cost Effective: Pay less than Platinum + Restoration + Transform ; Have all the tools you need exactly when you need them.
* Years of Research & Design excellence: doesn't your audio deserve the best?
* WaveShell: means support for all popular plug-in formats and audio editors - TDM, RTAS, AudioSuite, VST, DirectX, MAS, Audio Units.

Included PlugIns:

L3 Ultramaximizer™

C4 Multiband Parametric Processor

L2 Ultramaximizer Doppler

UltraPitch L1 Ultramaximizer

Maxx Bass

Linear Phase Multiband

Linear Phase Equalizer


True Verb Room Emulator

Q10 Paragraphic Equalizer

S1 Stereo Imager

Renaissance Channel

Renaissance Equalizer

Renaissance DeEsser

C1 Parametric Compander

Audio Track

PS22 Stereo Maker (TDM only)

Renaissance Compressor

Renaissance Reverberator

PsychoAcoustic Analyzer

Renaissance Bass



Super Tap


Renaissance Vox

Waves Diamond Bundle v5.2 H2O


Gabriel Murilo said...

Hi! Does this run in Vista?


Gabriel- Brazil!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks. But isn't Waves Mercury the one that's a step up above this?

Anonymous said...

any chance of getting this fpr mac ??

Unknown said...

please re-up..?

pretty please....anyone?

thanks in advance!

Unknown said...

OH yes! Thanks..

here it is:




Unknown said...
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Anonymous said...

Link is dead!!
Can you provide new link please??

Anonymous said...

Here is a Re-up

Unknown said...

re up

The Axeman said...

Looks massively cool. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

does this installer work for mac? or only on the windows platform?

Anonymous said...

Reup pls

Unknown said...

everything is windows only unless stated

Anonymous said...

plssss re-up!

Anonymous said...

pllllllzzzz !

Anonymous said...

hey can sum1 give me the link so i can get for mac? please

Anonymous said...

Can someone share a link?

Anonymous said...

plllllllzzzzzzzzz re-up

Anonymous said...

any chance of a reup??

Anonymous said...

here you go

Anonymous said...

Please re-up this link again...the link is not working...

Gratefully yours,


Anonymous said...

...just search for the file at

i found it 4 or 5 times...and the first download worked ;)

Anonymous said...

can someone please re-up this?

Anonymous said...

please for mac osx

Anonymous said...

double please for MAC! :-) yay!

Anonymous said...

does this work with vista & ableton 7???i cannot make it work...when i scan VSTs it finds the waveshells 5.0.dll but then gives an error saying that the plugins r not installed...someone can help me please?

Anonymous said...

i found the solution to my and dopemecee's issue!!!!!!!! it is vista concerned

i had some shells loaded but not the ones i needed (5.0 & 5.2 gave issues)

this is what you have to do:

-go to regedit
- right click on the folder and click PERMISSIONS
- then u have to allow the authorizations, also u may try to go on advanced-owner and change the owner...i did both of these but i dont know what made everything work


if u dont like this dummy shell.dll thing...use the SHELL2VST utility that is in C:\...\waves\waveshells

-place it in your vst folder
-drag and drop every single waveshell.dll on it

at the end u will have a Waves folder in your VST folder with every single waves vst (200+)

ooo yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!now you can enjoy this fucking fine AIR release!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Please can any one uploaded on megaupload plz and send me the link on 10x a lot

Anonymous said...

hey all plz can anyone upload the file on megaupload??
plz send me the link on
and 10x a lot :D


Anonymous said...

i love this software!! it sucks up the cpu but the results you get are wicked!! thanks audio pirate!!

Success said...


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the re-up dude

Anonymous said...

Ive been searching for waves products

Anonymous said...

HI! i downloaded and installed, still can´t see L3 maximizer or L3 multimaximizer. Is it just me or it isn't in this Bundle???