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Friday, 14 March 2008

Native Instruments Absynth v4.0.5.003 VSTi DXi RTAS-DYNAMiCS

Like the legendary green drink with which it almost shares its name, Absynth has always been capable of producing some weird and wonderful results. Beloved of composers and sound designers alike, it has a well-deserved reputation for producing some of the most unique evolving textures and noises around. Part of Native Instruments’ recent round of product announcements, Absynth 4 introduces some interesting new features, as well as embracing more fundamental changes, such as Kore support.

Native Instruments Absynth v4.0.5.003 VSTi DXi RTAS-DYNAMiCS


ILL Charles said...

no more file :(

Anonymous said...


I unpacked the whole thing but haven't got the slightest clue how to get this thing going. Where's setup? How many unpack programs do I need? How much more complicated than this can it be?

Audio Pirate said...

its easy, you only need one unpacker, i use winrar

step 1: highlight both files and extract

step 2: highlight next set of files and extract

step 3: highlight last sets of files and extract

step 4: run exe file ;)

Anonymous said...


perhaps it's been the fact that I use Extract now. perhaps that I highlighted the files inside the unpacked folder instead of choosing the folder itself. Anyways: THANKS YOU! Awesome, you made my day!


Audio Pirate said...

no problem ;)

Anonymous said...

This unpacks and creates the two .exe
files, but there is some problem with the install.
Samples are missing on a lot of presets and it does not create the correct folders.

Audio Pirate said...

did you follow the above instructions?? i use this myself and it works perfect

if there is more than one exe file then you are unpacking wrong

Anonymous said...

Yes, I get two .EXE files.
I redid the unpacking per your instructions.

I get one one .EXE file called
"NI Absynth 4.0.5 Setup.exe" (93.8 MB)

I get a second .EXE file called "NI Absynth 4.0.5 DYNAMiCS.exe" (28.1 MB)

The setup notes in Info file from Dynamics says
Install "NI Absynth 4.0.5 Setup.exe"
Install "NI Absynth 4.0.5 DYNAMiCS.exe"

Am I still doing something wrong?


Audio Pirate said...

my mistake, youre right!

if you have a previous version of absynth uninstall that first

then install the setup one first, then install the dynamics one.

but im guessing that you have done this right anyway, so im not sure what is wrong

the only thing i can suggest is uninstalling and re-installing it and see if it works

let me know how you get on

Anonymous said...

Maybe it is conflicting with previous version of demo I had installed and deleted.
Will work on it.

DeShon said...

Hmmmm.. Hey guys! I hate to seem slow but I just cant get this one..

So Mr. Audio Pirate Sir, u said we should highlight both files (which files) and extract and then another set? Then ANOTHER?! What I have are packs that go from a-z on one an u-z on the other?

I know u guys are probably busy fiddling with yr new toys but if u get bored please help a po' chap out..

Thanks in advance!

Anonymous said...

Well, tried everything I could to get it to install and run correctly. No luck for me. Oh well.

Anonymous said...

"So Mr. Audio Pirate Sir, u said we should highlight both files (which files) and extract and then another set? Then ANOTHER?! What I have are packs that go from a-z on one an u-z on the other?"

Highlight the two orginal .rar files and right clikc and then choose "Extract Here".

It will then open a box for the password. Type that in. Hit Enter and it will create a new folder called

In that folder will be 26 zipped folders.

Highlight all of them, right click and choose Extract Here.

You will then get 26 .rar files.

Highlight them and right click and
choose Extract Here.

You will get two .EXE files.
Open the NI Ansynth setup file first, and the next one.

Hopefully it will work fine.

DeShon said...

OMG! Jesus has been returned!
It FINALLY worked! Thanks "anoymous" (aka Baby Jesus)!!

Happy Easter 2 u!

U made my year!


Audio Pirate said...

re up

Anonymous said...

Is there a Keygen or is it only demo version?

Audio Pirate said...

there is no keygemn but it is a full working version

Chris K said...

Anyway you can share this again? and do you have for Mac?

Audio Pirate said...

everything is for windows unless stated :)

Anonymous said...

But this seems to be the demo version, or am i wrong? When I start Absynth it wants me to activate it via service center or else buy it, or use the demo instead...

howwwL said...

"NI Absynth 4.0.5 Setup.exe"


"NI Absynth 4.0.5 DYNAMiCS.exe"

all should be well

Byron said...

i read thru the comments and no one seems to have encountered this, but i'm getting the errors: (wrong pass) (wrong pass)

while everything else extracts perfectly fine with the provided password?

please help.

howwwL said...


I have never seen any others


Byron said...

I'm still getting the same errors with both password options. I guess i'll try another version.

thanks anyway.

Anonymous said...

another dumb comment lol but how do i get this to make different sounds? i only get the default one when i load it up

tempted and thank you said...

hey man... the second post of mine...

reupload the link pls... dead..