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Monday, 24 March 2008

FriendBlaster Pro v9.9

The lastest version of Friendblaster Pro

If you use myspace to promote your music/band then you should have this

  • Target your market based on a members age, sex, geographic location, interests, and more.
  • Gather friend(s) id's from browsing the groups, forums, friend lists, classi fieds or any other area of MySpace.
  • Auto Messenger that allows you to send out messages to all of your friends or to any specified target market.
  • Auto Commenter feature that allows you to send out comments to all of your friends.
  • Timed Bulletins feature that gives you full control of "how many" and "when" to send out Bulletins.
  • Accept Friends feature that allows you to accept all pending friend request and also allows you to send out a comment or message along with accepting your new friends.
  • Send message along with Friend Request feature that allows you to send both a message and a Friend Request to the same person.
  • NEW! Multiple registered accounts can now be chained together!
  • NEW! Set FriendBlasterPro to auto start (with use of Multiple account Feature).
  • NEW! Time-delay feature!
  • And still much, much more!
more info:

UPDATE: v9.9 has been released, 9.8 no longer works.... heres 9.9....
FriendBlaster Pro v9.9


Anonymous said...

its not working, whe i open the softwxare it aske me to update it as it is an old version.


Audio Pirate said...

yeah they just updated it as i posted it, download the new version from their site and use the patch with it ;)

maney_7 said...

Fuck face deleted it,
someone should break their freakin'legs.

Anonymous said...


Audio Pirate said...

its up... brand new version

Audio Pirate said...

re up 9.9

Anonymous said...

maaan whats the deal? this is just a "speak and spell" sample pack....

Anonymous said...


Audio Pirate said...

sorry my mistake, got the links mixed up

Audio Pirate said...

its come to my attention that FBP v10 has been released.

I dont know if the patch will work but its worth trying

to update...

1. make sure you still have the patch from the download above (nykepatch)

2. uninstall the version you have now

3. download the lastest version from

4. re-apply patch

5. open FB and see if it says registered version... let me know if it works

Anonymous said...

yes... it seems to work so far. Thanks man. said...

Anonymous said...

damn.. even the speak-n-spell pack got deleted. that's some rough luck. use - they don't delete links ~.^

Anonymous said...

how do you get the patch?
how do you use it?

emptyfirefly said...

Get the program and patch here

I uploaded them myself