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Friday, 14 March 2008

4344 Presets for Rob Papen Albino

Does exactly what is says on the tin...... 4344 Presets for Rob Papen Albino

for PC & MAC


Anonymous said...

Booboo link... please post another..

Audio Pirate said...

re up

xrhlp said...

hey, guys, how should I import them?
my albino 3 could not open them..
i'm using mac, if this does matter..

mmm said...

hey guys, how should I import them??
my albino 3 could not open them..
I'm using mac, if this does matter..
pls help!

dukk said...

hey AP

please reup again!?!?


Anonymous said...

Link is dead dead dead...anybody have it?? ...please reup

Howwwl said...

Anonymous said...

2 Howwwl
What is the password to presets folder??

Anonymous said...

anyone manage to get this to work on mac ?
got the files, get the right password, tried 3 different utilities, but no luck.........

Anonymous said...

plz what is the password to extract the actual presets. works to extract the first part but it doesnt work to extract the presets folder...

Anonymous said...

I got them extracted fine using the official command line version of rar, sometimes it can be a bit of a pita extracting rar files on a mac.

No idea where to put these presets though so I dont have to load them one at a time, any help appreciated...

Anonymous said...

hi, the link seems to be dead.
Any chance of another re-up? pretty please.

Anonymous said...

trovata la password per caso

Anonymous said...

re up

Anonymous said...

Hi guys, does anyone know how to use these presets? I've got it downloaded but couldn't load them to my Albino3. I'm using Fl Studio and Cubase 5.
Please help!!!!!!