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Sunday, 24 February 2008


Rapid solutions for Sound Design architects. Unbelievable new dimensions provided by a hybrid analog tonal source concept. Instant Action, Emphasis, Momentum, Time Travel, Emotion, Weird Science, Stimulants and more. Immense assortment of loops and single-shot FX for Trailers, Games, Animation, CGI, Ads, Film, TV, Web and other multimedia situations. A strategically organized Elastik Audio FX collection in a class of it's own. See why!

Analog FX is a sophisticated sample collection boasting a massive library of premium and designed analog Sounds and Loops which contain over 1.7 GB of cutting-edge sound material. The complete content—programmed and produced to the highest possible standard—provides a wide range of styles. It is a state-of-the-art FX collection of samples offering a huge variety of atmospheres, noises, basslines, leads, sweeps, LFO as well as hundreds synth loops. The library is produced for: advertising and game audio, trailer creation, cinema and tv post production, animation, sound design, multimedia presentations and for all the different musical styles and producers looking for analog production fx elements. All sounds are simplistically organized into folders. Loops are enhanced with B.P.M. information and tonal effects are accurately described and assigned to their root keys. You will locate every sample real quick for direct use.

Responsible for the production of Ueberschall Analog FX is Marc Steinmeier—highly respected music producer and sound designer in the international music industry.
There's no doubt that Analog FX is the best fx collection you can buy right now to achieve the authentic sound design of today.
Expect the Unexpected

Atmo FX (Dark Mood, Filtered, Low End, XXL), LFO FX (Dark Mood, Filtered, Grooves, Hard & Dirty, Random, Resonance, Sirenes), Mixture FX, Noise FX, SciFi FX (Filtered Drones, Signals, Sub FX, Sweep FX (Up- and Downlifter), Synth Gooves FX (Basslines, Noiselines, Sublines, Synthlines), Wired FX

1.7 GB Analog Sounds, 960 Loops and Samples, Mac/PC/AU/VST/RTAS

Elastik features:
+ highspeed timestretching and pitchshifting in best quality
+ innovative "LoopEye" for fast loop variations
+ all parameters midi controllable
+ multiple content management
+ each product separately installable
+ mapping tools (automatic slice- & chromatic-map)
+ save audio of original and modified loops
+ creation of user presets
+ filter with "kill function" (-72db)
+ adaptable to tempos from 10 to 480 bpm
+ audio engine for quick adaptation
+ and many many more

Mac OS X 10.4, 512 MB RAM minimum,
G4 500 MHz minimum
- RTAS (req. ProTools 7 or later)
- AU
- StandAlone

Windows XP SP2, Vista, 512 MB RAM minimum,
Pentium 800 MHz minimum
- RTAS (req. ProTools 7 or later)
- StandAlone

Compressed size: 1.56 GB



Spirit said...

Please the password for this files?? many thanks for you amazing site, free and cool, up up up...., Spirit ;))

Audio Pirate said...

take a closer look.... ;)

Spirit said...

Thanks Audio for you attention :) I will try thanks for you site , fantastic BLoooooog :)

spirit said...

I try the look by...., my eye no see, no see, sorry one lite help????? many thanks and good night ;)

Anonymous said...

thanx a lot for this great tool. but part08 and part16 are offline already. is it possible to upload again? would be so great!

Bill said...

yes part08 and part16 are down. badongo is by far the best download service. can we get those files on there? thanks!!

Audio Pirate said...

in the process of uploading them now, i just upped part 6 by mistake lol

Audio Pirate said...

they are re-upped!!!

Spirit said...

Please how I do can have a password ???I am a new user and Im very confused, many thanks, thanks for you site and your help ;))

Audio Pirate said...



yaz said...

Anonymous said...

i can't find the kegen for this is there one??

John said...

i have a problem with part 6 from fx pack.i put the password but it says incorrect password.

please help

Audio Pirate said...

please read my guide to extracting ;)

Anonymous said...

Some deleted part14:

on and I'm sure it's faster than the other on listed which states it will take over 12 hours

or if anyone has part 14 let me know thanks

Metz Maan said...

hi.can't download part 1 of uebeschall analogue fx for mac...
any suggestion.
respect for your work on this site!

Anonymous said...

hiya AP,, just to let you know,, i still am interested in getting parts 5 and 10,, , if poss--

many thanks ,, Lizard

Anonymous said...

lizard...i've got part 5 and 10,but i need part 1...i see AP is
not posting here anymore...WB

Audio Pirate said...

ap is still posting heree, im a lil bit drunk atm but il'll up the bits u neeed , part one down aswell?

Anonymous said...

yap for part 1 there are 2 mirrors available: - FILE NOT FOUND - CANNOT OPEN PAGE
see if you can do something
thanks a lot ur site is awsome

Anonymous said...

Mate, i just discovered your blog.
AWESOME! Thank you!

I downloaded all the Uber files but there is a problem with the number 14 i guess cause is not extracting the last file which should be the number 27. Have you got any ideas?

Audio Pirate said...

u tried downloading 14 again??

flashman said...

I have downloaded many times the part 14, but doesn't work...
Please, try to repair it!

Audio Pirate said...

there is nothing wrong with the files, loads of people have unpacked them successfully, the problem must be at your end

are you selecting ALL files at once when extracting??

flashman said...

Yes, I select all... but the program not opens the part 14... any solutions???

Audio Pirate said...

what program u using to extract??

flashman said...

I have tried with UnrarX and stuffit expander...

PS: sorry for my bad english :)

Audio Pirate said...

if your using windows use winrar, thats what i pack them with

if your on mac.... read this post

flashman said...

Yes, I have read this... I followed those procedures.

This is the error message:

The archive 'ber_anna-logg_eff-eks' could not be expanded, the file 'dyn-uebafx.r27' it contains seems to be broken.
The archive 'ber_anna-logg_eff-eks' could not be expanded, the file 'dyn-uebafx.r27' it contains seems to be broken.


Audio Pirate said...

ok, when i get some time i'll re-up part 14 again and see if that helps

we will get this working for you!!

flashman said...

Thanks !!!

Long life for audio-pirate :)))

Audio Pirate said...

also, there is software that you can get to run win xp programs on mac... u should try that and run winrar... might extract properly then

flashman said...

I tried with winrar on another pc, but doesn't work...

always the same problem...

Audio Pirate said...

uploading part 14 again now.....

Audio Pirate said...

anyone else have problems with part 14????

part 14 re-up:

let me know how you get on

flashman said...

OK... works now!!


Aaron said...

I'm on a mac. I just expanded the .rar file, and it gives me a .r30 file. I'm not sure what to do with this.

Audio Pirate said...

you need to download ALL parts, select them all then extract them all at the same time, you should have a set of files going.... .r00 .r01 .r02 .r03 all the way to .r30 (or higher even) select these just like the first set of rars and extract again

Audio Pirate said...

@ flashman: cool!!! enjoy!!

Migs said...

Any one have a re up for part 07... only one i need... thanks in advance. AP... thank you again!


Anonymous said...

hy mr. audio pirate.. need pls keygen for ueb€r$chall FX... from Mupload it dont work.. error file :S

thank you very much
greets from AUT

Emilio Ramos said...

Please post part 9 again! is down on massmirror :(

Anonymous said...

Links not working. Please reup..

Anonymous said...

I'm trying to get these to play in protools m powered, but i cant get em out rar format, if that makes sence. I jumpt through the loop holes, now and it's still a rar what do i do

howwwL said...

1. install winrar..if you havent
2. select all rars in the folder
3. rt click on a rar
4.choose extract to..a folder will apear
5.if more rars are in the new folder...repeat above..until completely unpacked

read the info file


Anonymous said...

The links are not working anymore...please re-up

Anonymous said...

Links are still dead.
Please reload.
GREAT site BTW!!!

Anonymous said...

Links are still broken.
Please reload.
GREAT site BTW!!!

Raidio said...

no re-up for this...I dont have it

Anonymous said...


Please provide with a Keygen.


Dave said...

I'd love to check this out but the links are dead. Any chance of re-upping?