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Friday, 15 February 2008

Steinberg Mastering Edition

Every recording deserves to be mastered. Without mastering, a mix can sound dull and lifeless. Single tracks sometimes do not fit together with other tracks because of differences in the dynamics or the frequency characteristics.

The Steinberg Mastering Edition is a set of six high-quality plug-ins for various VST- and DirectX-based host audio applications, which together satisfy all your mastering effect needs. Whatever the situation, the Steinberg Mastering Edition offers the tools needed - in the quality you expect of Steinberg Spectral Design audio software.

ME Loudness Maximizer is a specialized effect designed to boost signals as well as increase the perceived level of the audio signal.

ME Spectralizer enhances and synthesizes high-end frequencies to and that special sparkle to the audio.

ME FreeFilter is a 30-band equalizer that can analyze the EQ curve of an existing audio file, and match that for a different one. This is accomplished with the Learn-Source/Destination fuction.

The ME Compressor is a multi-band equalizing compressor with up to five different freely-adjustable bands. This allows you to tighten bottom-end frequencies, while making the higher frequencies crisper and give your sound more punch.

Next, we provided two top-notch analysis tools - the ME SpectroGraph which allows you to pin-point specific trouble frequencies so that you can take them out with some careful notch filtering.
The ME PhaseScope will immideatly display any phase issues that are present in a mix, as well as displaying signal energy in the stereo field.


ME Loudness Maximizer

ME Spectralizer

ME FreeFilter

ME Compressor

ME PhaseScope and ME SpectroGraph



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Your right. I tried it today and it worked.

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This should be useful.

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its a txt file containing the real link ;)

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Hey dude Thanks so much here is the re uploaded file link

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Anonymous said...

can u uze other file sharing sites than megaupload or rapidshare koz sum of us are blocked from them. try or or,thanx in advance.

YoungBoy aka CeeMore Paper said...

is this for mac too?

HowwL said...

seems pc only

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Hi This folder is empty ,when i done with Mastering Edition

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This folder is empty ,when i done with Mastering Edition, Do you know why ?