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Friday, 29 February 2008

Lexicon Impulse Response Collection

Lexicon Impulses Responses Collection
This is a comprehensive collection of reverb & effect presets from a Lexicon.

Lexicon 960L
Format: .wav, 44100Hz, 24bit
Size: 35.9MB

01 Halls 1: 10 preset
02 Halls 2: 12 preset
03 Stage+Hall: 10 preset
04 Chambers: 10 preset
05 Stage+Chambers: 10 preset
06 Rooms: 10 preset
07 Plates 1: 10 preset
08 Plates 2: 5 preset
09 Ambience: 10 preset
10 Wild Spaces: 10 preset
11 Post 1: 10 preset
12 Post 2: 10 preset
13 Simple Delays: 10 preset
14 Split Delays: 10 preset
15 Dual Delays: 10 preset
16 Delay Spaces: 10 preset
17 Random Delays: 10 preset
18 Crazy Delays: 9 preset
19 480 Delays: 10 preset

Lexicon PCM91
Format: .wav, 44100Hz, 16bit
Size: 10.6MB

01 Booth & Ambience: 14 preset
02 Hall: 40 preset
03 Room: 25 preset

Lexicon PCM81
Format: .wav, 44100Hz, 24bit
Size: 2.89MB

21 preset of Reverb

Lexicon MPX500
Format: .wav, 44100Hz, 16bit
Size: 2.46MB

59 preset of Reverb & Effect



cityTraxx said...

What do u do with these impulse responses??? can uuse them to instruct other plugins on how to react to signals? is that what u do with them? anyone?

Unknown said...

you load them into convolution reverbs ;)

Anonymous said...

How do I download the Lexicon impulses. I've tried, but get nothing. Thanks.

Unknown said...

what do you mean?

Anonymous said...

The file that is attached to the link is a 2kb text file :( Thanks so much for your Audio Pirate, if you could fix this I would be grateful.

Humble Audio Student

Anonymous said...

try reading the text...

Anonymous said...

thank you.
that's a great collection really.
i guess the quality of the samples affects the final result.
i hope these are good too...