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Friday, 29 February 2008

Ableton Live 7.0.2-AiR


Ableton Live 7 is your companion during every stage of the musical process, from creation to production to performance.

Live Features:

Recording - Editing
* 24 bit / 192 kHz multitrack hard disk recording
* Complete MIDI and audio sequencing with non-destructive editing, unlimited undo
* Instant capturing and resampling of audio signals while the music is playing
* Real-time loop / overdub MIDI recording for pattern build-up
* Unlimited audio and MIDI tracks

Non-linear Sequencing
* Audio and MIDI files can be mapped to MIDI keyboard ranges and computer keys for instant triggering
* Records all actions as arrangements and automations for later in-depth editing
* Scene concept for non-linear organization of audio and MIDI files for live and jamming purposes
* Customized and random sequencing of audio and MIDI files for generating ideas and preparing performances
Actions can be set up to allow for automatic jamming and generative music

Time and Pitch Manipulation
* Real-time time-stretching to play any audio file in sync with the project tempo, even if original tempo fluctuates
* Real-time pitch shifting for the individual notes in a sample
* Real-time groove and swing manipulations for MIDI and audio
* Tempo automation via continuous breakpoint envelopes

Instruments - Effects
* Includes a wide array of innovative Ableton audio and MIDI effects
* 'Simpler' instrument for polyphonic playback and creative exploration of any sound recorded or dragged into Live
* 'Impulse' percussion sampler instrument for dynamic drum sound design
* Endless expansion via VST, Audio Units, and ReWire Plug-in support
* Free assignment of effects, mixer, tempo and transport functions to MIDI controllers
* Complete and easy automation recording and editing for all instrument and effects parameters

Browsing - Import - Export
* Built-in browsers for previewing WAV, AIFF and SDII audio files in sync with the project tempo
* Audio tracks play mono and stereo audio files of any sample rate, bit depth, length with no prior conversion
* Drag-and-drop MIDI file import
* Exports MIDI and audio files

Routing - I/O - Sync
* Drag-and-drop signal flow management for MIDI effects, instruments and audio effects
* Unlimited bussing for audio and MIDI signals for mix grouping, synth layering, post-effects recording, MIDI to audio
* Supports previewing and cuing via separate audio outs
* Up to 8 send / return tracks
* Supports ASIO, MME, DirectX, Sound Manager and CoreAudio audio interfaces
* Manages unlimited number of MIDI ins and outs
* Acts as MIDI clock master or slave; MIDI timecode slave
* Acts as ReWire master or slave

Changes in Ableton has updated Live to v7.0.2:

* Several updated or corrected info texts.
* Updated Manuals.
* Updated Lesson pack.
* Smaller button for automation lanes.
* Include the track index only in automatic names, but not in user names (also not in the routing choosers). To include the index manually, you have to prefix the custom name with one or multiple '#' characters.
* Support for Propellerheads Recycle 1 files (.rcy).
* Info texts are not only displayed on mouse over but also when a corresponding object (clip, track, parameter,...) is selected.
* The current velocity value when creating a MIDI note is kept globally. Changing the velocity of the MIDI keyboard also updates the current velocity value.
* Update bitmaps for fold buttons.
* MIDI Surface Controller support for Faderfox LV1, LX1, LV2, LX2, LC2 & LD2.
* There is a 'PreviewAlwaysSyncedToSong' entry you can use in the Options.txt file. With that option, Live does not use heuristics to determine the clip tempo when song is not running for pre-listening in the browser.
* On Windows, MME is now used as the default instead of the DirectMusic for MIDI ports that provide both types. We are still working on a solution for the drop-out problems some users experienced when using a Remote SL-based MIDI controller surface with a DirectMusic port. If you have that problem, we currently recommend to use MME instead of DirectMusic.
* Drum Rack Support for Korg KONTROL49 & microKONTROL.
* Windows only: If the DebugOption "-_EnsureKeyMessagesForPlugins" is set in the Options.txt, we make sure that all key messages reach a plugin's window in front. That way, edit fields are again editable in the NI VST plug-ins. On the downside, key messages do not reach Live anymore as soon as some objects in the window of the VST plug-in are selected. Thus, for example, once an edit field has been edited, Live's playback cannot be started via Space until Live's main window regains focus.
* In the mixer, chains are now treated as any other track concerning solo. That way soloing a chain in the Session mixer mutes every track except the one containing the Rack.
* Control Surface support for the Korg ZERO8.
* Previous version of Live only accepted zero-length MIDI notes when the Options.txt entry "-_AllowZeroDurationNotes" was set. Now zero-length MIDI notes are accepted by default and the option is not longer required.
* Dropping instruments onto tracks, pads or chains replaces the complete device chain and not only the previous instrument. To replace the instrument only, you can drag it over the previous instrument.
* The inline Rack mixer provides an "Extract chains" command via its context menu.
* Control Surface support for the Akai MPD32.

Ableton Live 7.0.2-AiR


Paul Jones said...


any chance of getting a working ableton for mac? can't seem to find one.

that would be unbelievable.

Anonymous said...

I'm also looking for a working Ableton Live for Mac. A version that actually keeps working and not suddenly make it impossible to use previous saved work etc. The links I found were either inactive or corrupt.

It would be great to have an Ableton Live for Mac version which works.

I think this is one of the places to keep an eye on and I hope it will be uploaded. That would really be worth a donation.

Anonymous said...

After extracting all files you get an exe file. I wonder, can you use this ableton live 7.0.2 on Mac too? Because when you buy Ableton 7.0 it's says you need either a mac or a windows PC. Now, does this mean that there isn't a seperate Mac version next to a Windows version? So only one version which also works on Mac? Or not?

Audio Pirate said...

the latest version of live for mac that i can get is v6.0.7, but as with all versions of ableton there are a lot of reports of the copy protection kicking in and ruining peoples work

we may never get a fully stable cracked version of live

i guess this one would work with bootcamp, but i dont know much about all that

Anonymous said...

Anyone else getting some weird 'out of the blue' shutdowns of this program? Seems like sometimes when I select a plugin, the program automatically shuts itself off.

Anonymous said...

Didnt install the library files???

Will try again

Stephen Payne said...

Can someone tell me how to extract the files, i have a free evaluation version of win rar. I open the first rar files and it asked for the rest, i go through one by one then when i get to the end in this case "a-al702x" it gives a diognostic of header ???....Please help!!!!

Princess Ann said...

dun know how to extract..

Audio Pirate said...

read this....


Anonymous said...

re-up pls

chasetrick said...

I have a PC. I got all the rar files and downloaded them, then extracted them, they open with like 20 different zip files all having a "setup" file in them and a "file id" folder in them and an "info" type folder in them that i cant open anyways. Anyway, I chose to double click ont he setup.exe in any of the 25 folders, it comes up with an error that says that i need another file or something. do i need an earlier version of this or?

Audio Pirate said...

highlight all files then extract

Anonymous said...

I can't seem to get to download this. The Rar file it links to is only 2kb and is just a text file. Any clues?

Audio Pirate said...

link in txt file

komplexoptik said...

I have tried this release on 2 fresh PC's . It opens live and allows me to save the 1st session then when I re open it it now in demo mode.
Did I do something wrong?

Anonymous said...

I've had this release installed on my PC for a while now (5 or 6 months) and I use it almost everyday with Reason. I've yet to encounter a single problem with this one. I know there are some issues with the Mac version, but this one seems to work just fine. : )


Audio Pirate said...

glad to hear it, is it this exacct one your using? (7.0.2-AiR)

i know alot of people reported probs with live 7 cracks but its good to hear they are working for someone!!

Anonymous said...

worked but has virus.

Audio Pirate said...

virus?? a false postive maybe but no virus... c'mon its an AiR release

Anonymous said...

I managed to extract all the files with 7-zip, and setup ran fine until it said that it was missing [insert name here].dll - I tried continuing without it the first time, and of course it failed to run. what am I doing wrong?

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Thank you very much this is working like a dream you have just expanded my musical career thank you!!

For us musicians on the small scale people dont realize that we cant simply afford software like this.

I have heard of Ableton and its capabilities and I will test this software out and if its what I need for live sets on stage I will purchase this this software from Ableton and go along with that. After all they did make this super software

I'd like to thank you very much for giving me this opportunity to test it out. :)

Anonymous said...

Yeah well works ok for a few mins then the copyright menu pops up and shuts Ableton down. Getting pretty fed up with this, there has to be a glitch free version!!!!

Anonymous said...

i've a problem with cpu used... some peak 100% made click and pops ableton. i've tryed with 2 audio external devices (line6 and m audio) but the problem is the same.

a bug of 7.0.2 on windows vista?

7.0.3 AIR release, do you have? :)

thankyou man

Anonymous said...

the NFO file i downloaded appears to be missing a serial number for this

Anonymous said...

Man, this is riddled with trojans and won't install...says it has a problem when naming a .dll file iirc. Most torrents on the net are the same...all have problems for version 7...does anyone have a working copy?

Howwwl said...

not the most stable version ever... but thats due to ableton..
get from good sources...and any trojan in the kg...will be a false pos...

Anonymous said...

the nfo did not contain a serial...does anyone have it? it installed but its only the demo do i unlock??

Robym said...

hi guys. this pack not contain the serial number... is it a demo version?

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Look peeps, there ain't no completely free lunch - yer need to get a feel for these techniques, maybe with some of the smaller plugs - it is all do-able on a pc. Trojans - install and get rid of them. Live protection, search out the ableton cleaner with instructions - it's all sweet compared with a few years ago

Anonymous said...

hey is there any chance of getting a keygen for ableton live 7.0.10??

Anonymous said...

Wheres the .exe??

Anonymous said...

I need the serial numer?!Love ya work!stay tuned!

Anonymous said...

i'm getting a "you need to have the following volume to continue extraction" message. I need more space? What?

Help anyone?

Peter said...

Got it installed then i uploaded a track i have nearly finished then i asked me for a serial number and it became a demo anybody have any ideas????

sean said...

mcafee blocked trojans and this is missing some sort of file when loading which lead to the program not working, somethings wrong

j-doe said...

I was reading through all the comments with people having problems with this crack. I've been using this version of ableton since it was first posted months ago. before this i was using ableton 7.0 cracked by AiR and every few days i had to uninstall ableton, clean out its registry files and then reinstall. I'm very great full that i have no issues with this version.

Anonymous said...

you don't need to uninstall and reinstall everytime when your illegal copy has been identified.
just make a backup of the folder Ableton contained in "APPDATA"(Vista) or "application data" folder(XP)and replace it when you get the illegal copy error.

Michael said...

I downloaded both parts from rapidshare, extracted them and got to Setup.exe (Ableton Live Setup, team AiR) but when I click it a small box jsut pops up and says access is denied, I click OK then another pops up says "access violation at address 004613B2 in module 'setup.exe.tmp' Read of address 00000358. Then nothing happens =[ any ideas where I went wrong?

HowwL said...

vista.. you may need to log in as admin...

Gez said...

Im pretty gutted as Ive just reformatted my PC (wiping version 6) and now when I reinstall 7.01 or 7.02 it crashes after a few minutes. Now Im having problem finding a version which works, can anyone please help? : (

Anonymous said...

ableton live * 8.o3 !! with crack !! works fine ... Crack it:

AtomicNut said...

So does anyone know if this ( cpv.dll )is a false-positive Trojan or not?

Going by comments on similar torrents on Piratebay & isohunt, it could go either way..

Someone mentioned this same Trojan (in cpv.dll ) comes up when you install the official demo too?

People seem so adamant on both sides (that it is, or isn't) that it's hard to tell...

I'd presume it's more on the clean side, as Audiopirate normally delivers exceedingly well :D

HowwL said...

its a false....
even the demo from them reads this...
we have version 8 on the forum..

Billy said...

When i click the set up exe, i get this message " Data error in 'setup.exe'. file is broken "

am i doing something wrong?

it is quite frustrating


Anonymous said...