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Sunday, 27 January 2008

Yamaha Vocaloid LOLA + Update 1.1.2

LOLA is a plug-in VIRTUAL FEMALE SOUL VOCALIST from ZERO-G®, powered by Yamaha VOCALOID® Singing Synthesis Technology.

The Human Voice

It's still the most expressive and emotionally communicative musical instrument available to mankind.

UNLESS, of course, you cannot sing. Or you don't have access to a quality singer when you need one, to bring reality to your ideas or your lyrics.

Either you can sing or you can't. Either you have a great singer who realizes your ideas or you don't. For most creative music producers, this means that in one sense the human voice has also always been a sonic boundary - a musical frontier, through thousands of years of evolution:


A true revolution

When it comes to creating quality vocal tracks, Yamaha'sVOCALOID singing synthesis technology literally changes everything.

For more details and for listenting to the demo: Click Here



Anonymous said...

Um...Having some trouble with this one. Is it for MAC only? When I click on the "Keymaker" crack I get an error message that says "No MAC address found"???

Anonymous said...

I beleive this refers to the MAC address of an ethernet card which is expected to be present in your PC by the software. Mac addresses are (supposed to be) unique and they are the permanent hard coded addresses which are used in networking PCs. (IP addresses are soft-coded at a higher level in the OSI model). Anyway Lola is using this unique code as a form of copy prevention after initial installation. You have to have a network card physically in your PC to use Lola - whether it is connected to a LAN or not.

I'm sure someone else could explain better - pick up a dirt cheap or second hand ethernet card for around £5, or if you have ethernet on your motherboard ensure that it is recognised properly by Windows in System Properties.

Anonymous said...

^ Ahh. That would explain it.
Thanks! : )

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

doesn't the key maker work in Windows Vista? I can't get it working...

Anonymous said...

it said activation succesfull but it still doesn't work...what shall i do?

Anonymous said...

Finally i downloaded all the files , and got the program up and running.

I did the activation offline and working just fine on my XP computer.


Anonymous said...

still got my problems with it...after importing the activation key on offline activation, it says Acitivation Succesfull, but when i try to start Vocaloid, it tells me One ore More Vocaloid components are not authorized, Please activate Vocaloid...Please Help me!

Anonymous said...

yeah im having the same problem as the message directly above. Can someone please help?

Anonymous said..., the keygen spits out
a file, choosing it when asked for
gives : "activation succesfull"

hooray !

but... no.. "One ore More Vocaloid components are not authorized"

such a shame...vocaloid seems to me a very fine tool.

Anonymous said...

any suggestions on how to work this thing?

Anonymous said...

hey, extract the file then use a program such as alcohol 120 to burn the .cue file to cd. Then run the cd and it should automatically begin installation. After installation you will be asked to activate, click yes and follow the instructions in the nfo file and put the key BDNG 7YR4 FLWM TDDA into box. then click the keygen maker and double click update.exe file and follow instructions. It works ok after that! Hope this helps

Anonymous said...

thanks a lot im gonna try it !
look what I found.
the japanese version
Hatsune Miku is a very hot voice
in Japan...

replace the exe. and it works fine
( with me that is)

anyone know how to make win-xp translate japanese to englisch ?

would help ;)

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...


I receive a virus alert from AVG when i try to extract the keymaker !

The message clearly sais "virus detected : Trojan Horse Generic8.KOI" !!!

Should i worry, doctor ? :D

Unknown said...

hmmm i dunno, could be a false positive

but then again maybe im wrong

try at your own risk (!)

Anonymous said...

the links dont work

Anonymous said...

hey broder please re-up