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Wednesday, 2 January 2008

Drumdrops - In Dub Volume 1

Style Scott needs no introduction! His hard-hitting beats have backed the best Reggae artists in the business; Gregory Isaacs, Barrington Levy, Israel Vibration to name a few.

Having worked alongside all the best producers and engineers (Dub pioneers like King Tubby, Prince Jammy and Scientist) has guaranteed his status in the studio and on stage. Have you ever sat back whilst listening to your favourite Roots Radics and Dub Syndicate tracks, wondering what it would be like to have the legendary Style Scott drumming for you? What about that late 70s Jamaican sound with the spring reverb and echo?

Well now you can, with more than 30 classic drum tracks arranged in loops 8-16 bars long ranging from 69-143 bpm. More than 400 loops organized by:RX2, WAV and Apple Loops file format and bpm in convenient folders containing Dry and FX mixes.

Recorded in Jamaica and London, including drum tracks recorded at the peak of the Roots Radics era in studios like Channel One and Randys.

If you're looking for live Reggae and Dub beats look no further!

More than 30 drum tracks ranging from 60-140 bpm
More than 400 drum loops
More than 200 percussion loops
More than 50 shaker and tambourine loops
More than 150 megabytes of single hits, fills and Dub FX
RX2, WAV and Apple Loops Format
More than 1 gigabyte of Dub breaks
Easy to use; all loops files are trimmed and sliced
Dry and FX mixes available
Separate percussion and single hits
Compatible with Reason, Logic, Cubase, Digital Performer, Pro Tools, Sonic Foundrys Acid, Acid Pro, Sound Forge, Reason, Vegas, Halion, Making Waves, Ejay or any other software or hardware that supports .RX2 or .WAV files


Nelson said...

How do you open the other files?
do you change them to rar?

Unknown said...

na you download them all, then extract the rar and all the others should extract with it

Anonymous said...

Hey AP, love your work. Where's the link 4 download on this i can't quite find it..

thanks man

Unknown said...

you need to download all the links on that page...


blah blah blah

all the way up to dv-didfss1.r41

dviso.nfo will contain instructions, open it in notepad

Anonymous said...

maaaan, thank you SO SO SO SO SO SO much for this AWESOME upload, you made my day !!! nice greetz!

Anonymous said...

dv-didfss1.rar extracts an iso file

what am I supposed to do with that

the instructions in the nfo file dont say shit about extracting these.

Am I supposed to rename dv-didfss1.r01 to a .rar to begin extraction?

Has anybody even got this to work yet?


Anonymous said...

I don't think anyone here KNOWS how to get this going.

Anonymous said...

I suggest people skip this one.
It's a waste of time.
The nfo just says extract the .rar files - ya, no shit.
But good luck doing that with over 40 files that have no .rar extension.
A waste of time. Skip it.

Unknown said...

it does work, you dl all the files, extract the .rar file and it extracts the content from all the other files in one go....

then you have your .iso file which is a disk image (an exact clone of a dvd)

to use that, you either mount the image to a dvd and burn it in nero or another decent disk burner


mount the image using daemon tools, which will create a virtual dvd that you can access on your computer without burning a disk

get daemon tools here....

WARNING the newer daemon tools (v4.0+) contains adware but apparantly you get the option not to install it

Anonymous said...

Wau man! Great!

Anonymous said...

nope... won't work for me. Winrar doesn't like it no matter what I try. Just says I need to begin extraction from a prexvious volume. Ah well.

Anonymous said...

scratch that last comment. A quick check with an sfv-file checking program revealed that the original .rar file was corrupt, so I downloaded it again and hey presto.
thanks for this.

Anonymous said...

Can you please re-up this?

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Could someone reupload it please?

Anyways, good job AP!! Respect man!

Anonymous said...

theres no link for it

how am i suppose to download it?

Anonymous said...

Could u pls reup? Please

Anonymous said...

would you please reup - would be greatly appreciated - thanks.

Anonymous said...

Can someone re-up this ? ...

Anyway you AP guys are just Huge

Big Up 4 your work


Anonymous said...

where is the links?

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


Tiago AkA Profeta said...