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Thursday, 31 January 2008

Steinberg WaveLab v5.00a build 221- H2O

WaveLab 5 is the only all-in-one solution for high resolution stereo and multi-channel audio editing, mastering, CD/DVD burning and for complete CD or DVD Audio production in outstanding audio quality. WaveLab is not just a top level mastering tool, it also offers capabilities for multimedia, sound design with samplers, radio broadcasts, and computer telephony applications. This is why WaveLab is the leading application for digital audio editing.

Electronic Musician review Steinberg WaveLab 5.00a and emphasise its multimedia capabilities: “Among the most important new features are tools for DVD-Audio (DVD-A) authoring and production, an integrated video track, and track-based effects and level controls. Combined with the large number of professional-quality VST mastering and effects plug-ins, WaveLab 5 is a powerful media production environment.”

They are pleased that WaveLab 5 finally allows control of individual track levels, and also track-based effects. They give a lot of space to the new DVD-A authoring capabilities, as well as the new surround-sound functions.

I have always thought that support is very important for any complex program, and the review says that Steinberg have this covered. “WaveLab’s support is excellent — the comprehensive printed manual is more than 700 pages. … There is online support through the Help menu option in addition to context-sensitive help for many of the program’s features. There is also an active users forum, which is moderated by WaveLab’s principal developer, Philippe Goutier.”

Their final numerical rating across their categories is 17.5 out of a possible 20. If you are current user wondering whether to upgrade, they say you’ll make your decision based on whether you need the new DVD-A and multimedia features. For everyone else, “if you’re looking to move into a multitrack audio editor that supports many of the hottest new-media technologies available today, has a friendly interface, and can help manage not only your audio assets but also all of the files on your system, WaveLab is an excellent choice.”


Anonymous said...

aint no password for the rar files and ts requesting one can anyone help me out with this!

Unknown said...

password is....

Anonymous said...

thanks dude

Anonymous said...

is this also a OSX version?

Anonymous said...

I'm not so far into the lingo to understand the password for RAR extracting. Could you help me out?

Unknown said...

this is for windows only sorry

when you go to extract the rar file (im assuming you have winrar or something simular installed on your computer already??)

just copy and paste this into the box when it asks for the password....

any more probs just ask ;)

Anonymous said...

Now I got it, thanks! Worked beautifully

Anonymous said...

Does it work "fine" with windows Vista ??? I have one release who completly bug under Windows Vista so can anyone tell me if this soft works fine with vista ???

Anonymous said...

Somebody actually is selling this Wavelab 5 from H2O on ebay, and I bought one. The program contains some creepy invasive hacker stuff (all from H2O whoever they are) that plays havox with my Windows XP Pro computer, i.e. the install can't complete when the antivirus identifies and quarantines a virus. Anyone know how to clean this up and use it without all the H2O crap? Worse than the virus is the obnoxious loud repeating music that takes over the computer and locks out any and all other functions until the useless install is "complete". Comments?

Unknown said...

yeah there are alot of people selling cracks on ebay... maybe im in the wrong game?? haha no way, people should never pay for cracks.

demand your money back mate, selling a crack is one thing, but selling shit riddled with viruses is just plain sick.

h2o are a respectable warez scene group, i dont think the virus is to do with them. there is a possiblity that its a false positive... in other words your AV software is detecting a virus but its not really a virus... that sort of thing happens alot when using this sort of stuff

and no you cant install without the h2o stuff

Anonymous said...

I installed wavelab 5.0 from this website, after installing it and restarting, I opened wavelab and it promped me 16 notifications of not being able to load dll files. This is one of the 16,
"The module CdrVcPh.dll cannot be loaded" then the program closes by itself.
I checked to see if ther're missing, but all the dll files are there from the instalation. can someone shed some light on this thanks!!

Anonymous said...

hey i have an older version of WL.

and when i cut a sample and go to save it the programme shuts down too.

worked fine on windows 2000 but since i got the vista its playin up.

maybe if i get a newer version?

Anonymous said...

yeah dude
i'd like to thank you for this great software i were looking for it since one week. a lot of good stuff is here i will try to upload some nice sounds for you when i will have received them. keep the mild groove on !

note: you will notice on my sote that i'm french so sorry if i make some grammatical faults in my message.

Anonymous said...

Hey there,
same issue
one laptop under Vista and it wont let you do anything with wavelab apart from launching it.. soon as you try to save anything it shuts down.

Anyone knows any more about this? There might be an actual patch for vista to let wavelab allow to do what it is made for.. or maybe just a little trick adding particular files at particular location(s) on the drive(s)..

For those that wish to do a dual boot of Vista and Xp, here's an interesting link

any clue is would be well welcomed

Anonymous said...

In reply to Anonymous and his purchased crack: H2O did some of the finest work on the most difficult dongle cracks. As I understand it, they stopped cold because some jerks started selling the cracks for profit, just as Anon. described. We are all poorer because of this. Ever seen a working Wavelab 6 crack for example?

Someone Nice said...


ONLY for Wavelab 5.01b, sorry!

Works 100%, been using it since I found it and never had a save problem :)

Anonymous said...

My antivirus program is detecting a trojan in this. I know it could be a false positive, but I have no way of knowing. Has anyone else gotten that warning towards the end of the installation, on WinXP?

Anonymous said...

does anybody know the serial number that needs to be put in thanks